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Florence, 27 May 2020 – In Tuscany they can reopen spa is circles cultural is recreation, once the structures have adapted to the anti-contagion rules: a new ordinance from the Region provides for it, illustrated today by the councilor for the presidency Vittorio Bugli, which implements some guidelines approved on May 25 in the Conference of the Regions.

Among the safety provisions to be followed, in clubs, the obligation to use masks in all closed rooms made accessible to the public and in all situations where it is not possible to maintain interpersonal distance. There is also an attendance register to be kept for 14 days. It is also recommended to measure the temperature to those who enter and to carry out activities as outdoors as possible.

Instead for the spas, in the pools each user must have a safety space of 4 square meters.

Regarding the lifeguards, “since there is the assimilation of the bathing assistants to the people who give first aid, we will have to put them on the list of subjects who are entitled to the serological test,” said Bugli, explaining that the lifeguards “will do so using the tests made available by the Region “, free of charge as provided for other categories exposed to the public.


Green light to the practical tests of the training coursesincluding exams. The important thing will be to disinfect the equipment after each use, use the masks and keep your distance. You can also take back the internships in the company, adopting the security protocols of the individual structures. Green light also for activities in the circles recreational and cultural events, at the reopening of the play areas for children and at spa and wellness centers. The resumption of these activities was not yet allowed today but with the order signed by the President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi there are now guidelines to be able to reopen.

Common guidelines, adopted by the Conference of the Regions and to which Tuscany has made an important contribution.

Cultural and recreational clubs will be able to resume their activities favoring those in small groups and in the open air. As for restaurants, they will have to keep a daily attendance record to be kept for two weeks. Spas and wellness centers will partially apply the measures already provided for the bathing establishments (ten square meters with umbrella, one and a half meters between the equipment) and partially that of the beauticians. For the thermal baths where you can swim, the crowding index will be the same as the pools, or one person every seven square meters, but where use will not be a swim, four square meters will suffice.

Children’s play areas can also reopen: the important thing will be to maintain a distance of one meter between people and make sanitizing gel dispensers available for frequent hand cleaning. The rooms must be cleaned daily.


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