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Florence, 28 May 2020 – With the latest ordinance of the Tuscany region cultural and recreational clubs and spas also reopen. The “block” reopenings of activities in Tuscany therefore continue. A gradual go-ahead while also monitoring the health situation. A situation therefore in progress day by day. For the moment the situation appears to be under control and reopenings take place regularly.

The reopening of the Florentine museums

Palazzo Pitti reopened on the morning of Thursday 28 May. On June 1st it’s Palazzo Strozzi, on the 3rd at the Uffizi: here is the calendar of the reopening of some museums in Florence – READ THE ARTICLE

Waiting on decisions for moving between regions: perhaps limits for Lombardy

The green light for moving between regions should start on 3 June. But there is still no official status. The Government in fact, it will make an evaluation with the data on the infection that will come from the Ministry of Health. Then he will say if there will be regions whose citizens will still have to stay within the borders and leave only for proven work or health needs. The reference in particular is to Lombardy, where the wave of contagion continues. And Tuscany would be particularly interested in this provision, given the many owners of second homes in Tuscany who are eager to reach the coast for their holidays. One thing is certain, Minister Boccia says, “Regions cannot obstruct free movement, they would violate the Constitution”. The government will therefore decide.

The ordinance for cultural circles: yes to book presentations

Green light also for activities in recreational and cultural circles, the reopening of children’s play areas and spas and wellness centers. The resumption of these activities was not yet allowed today but with the order signed by the President of Tuscany Enrico Rossi now there are guidelines to be able to reopen safely. Common guidelines, adopted by the Conference of the Regions and to which Tuscany has made an important contribution. Cultural and recreational clubs will be able to resume their activities, from bingo for example to the presentation of books or theme nights, favoring those in small groups and in the open air. As for restaurants, they will have to keep a daily attendance record to be kept for two weeks.

Ok to reopen spas but no saunas

Spas and wellness centers will partially apply the measures already provided for the bathing establishments (ten square meters with umbrella, a meter and a half away between the equipment) and in part that of the beauticians. For thermal baths where you can swim, the crowding index will be the same as for swimming pools, that is, one person every seven square meters, but where use is not a swimming pool, it will be enough four square meters. Turkish bath and sauana, where not for the exclusive use of guest rooms, cannot be used. Inhalation treatments can instead be done, except for those in collective form like anthrotherapy in stove or cave or steam jet inhalations.

Interview, the entrepreneur of the night: “Civic assistants wrong choice”

Read the interview with Daniele Locchi, entrepreneur a Florence in the field of premises – HERE THE ARTICLE

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