Tuscany, 200 lung fans bought (and paid) by the Region and never delivered


In the toughest days of the epidemic, the Tuscany region, through the Estar purchasing center, bought 200 lung ventilators from a Milanese company, paying them 7 million euros in an emergency procedure. Those fans, however, never came. From here begins an investigation by the Florence prosecutor’s office which led to the registration of the suspects of the owner of the Milanese company, Assoservizi srl, Giovanni Mondelli and two officials from Estar, the general manager Monica Piovi and the director of the IT and health equipment area, Marta Bravi.The entrepreneur, Giovanni Mondelli, is accused of default in public supplies, for having pocketed the money from the order without delivering even a device, thus risking leaving the Tuscan hospitals unattended at a crucial moment in the fight against coronavirus. Piovi and Bravi are instead accused of false ideology for two separate resolutions of 30 March.
It rained for having “falsely certified the supply” to Assoservizi, actually decided without deliberation ten days before, “with advance payment and without any control over the supplier company”. Well done for a second resolution, relating to the failure to award a restricted tender that had been called simultaneously by Estar, always to find the precious devices. In this act, in particular, the manager allegedly falsely certified that she had received notification from the technical contact that the machines were no longer necessary, for the dispatch of appliances “sufficient to cover the needs” by the civil protection. According to the pm Luca Turcoin reality, “civil protection supplies were completely inadequate”. The false motivation would have been used to “conceal the purchase of the machinery in the absence of a resolution”.

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