“Turn the page immediately”, after both have been intercepted – Libero Quotidiano


Liana Milella interview Edmondo Bruti Liberati. There is talk of Davigo, the Palamara case and the intervention of President Mattarella, but it is curious that both the interviewer and the interviewee ended up in the cauldron of the interceptions of the private conversations of Luca Palamara. If the journalist had previously replied to those who hypothesized that the prosecutor was the Deus ex machina of many editorial plots by Republic, the former chief prosecutor of Milan had yet to speak publicly about the wiretaps that concern him.

“We need to turn the page immediately,” said Bruti Liberati, who then called the words “right and wise” as Sergio Mattarella, which yesterday ruled out the dissolution of the CSM (there are no conditions) but has firmly invited the government and all the parliamentary groups to approve new legislation in a short time, if they really intend to reform the judicial system. Furthermore, Bruti Liberati declared that “it is a fact that magistrates in a prominent position take pleasure in the network of relationships they have woven”: for this reason “it is necessary to clarify” the “regrettable interferences on appointments and transfers”.

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