Turn on WhatsApp the message “This application is no longer shared with you”: ignored with iPhone


You have to be very careful today at May 22 WhatsApp message which tells us exactly “This application is no longer shared with you“. According to a very first study carried out in this regard, it should be a chain that mainly targets users iPhone, although we also recommend it to anyone who has a smartphone Android to keep your eyes open. Starting from those who meet with a Huawei or with a Samsung Galaxy, particularly popular in Italy.

Concrete and official news on WhatsApp and other applications you will find them only in the official stores associated with the operating system of your smartphone, as we reported a few days ago with some updates and tricks to make the use of the platform more pleasant. With such a premise, you can easily understand why it is very important to ignore the message in the most absolute way “This application is no longer shared with you“. Let’s try to understand what is going on with this new threat that we have reported in the mailbox starting from 13 on 22 May.

What does the message “This application is no longer shared with you” mean on WhatsApp for iPhone, Huawei and Samsung

Taking great care not to follow the path conceived by the attackers through some chains in circulation, we went directly to the landing page associated with the message “this application is no longer shared with you”. Once visited, the various antiviruses used on our machines and above all Malwarebytes they immediately blocked the procedure. The systems, in fact, immediately found the presence of malware within these pages.

In these minutes the news in our possession regarding an alleged chain that you can recognize with the message is still fragmentary “this app is no longer shared with you“, But in case you find yourself with an iPhone or Android device like Huawei, Samsung and Honor, ignore it without too much reasoning.

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