Turin, tourism sector on its knees: “The Region says when it reopens its borders. We are canceling all trips “- La Stampa


Turin, tour operator on his knees: “But when do the borders reopen? We are canceling all reservations for the summer”

TORINO. I know not arrived in dribs but the square gradually filled up this morning. At 10.30 there were hundreds. They arrived for a protest flashmob in Piazza Castello and represent another of the many categories of workers “on their knees” because of Covid.

They are travel agents, who have joined a committee, to which a hundred travel agencies across the region have already joined. “Tourism represents 13 percent of the national GDP and employs thousands of workers in the sector and travel agencies contribute to forming this important percentage” also joins the chorus Marco Naso, owner of an agency in San Maurizio Canavese and among the promoters of the committee. Honeymooners booked and postponed to 2021. Holidays by the sea or in the mountains canceled. Travel agencies were the first to be affected. “We feel like a category D series,” they say. And they explain: «In these 60 days of blocking we travel agents have been ignored. They asked us to close and we did it, but in the meantime we continued to protect our customers and canceled whole months of work ». On the table there is the theme of the reopening of national borders. But there are also those who fear that the recovery of tourism will not take place before the beginning of 2021. In the meantime, companies must try to remain open, but with zero income.

What are they asking for? “We are tourism with concrete help”. And again: «The holiday vouchers and the funds allocated to date are not enough to cover the problems of a sector such as ours which is still stuck due to blocked borders and has no certainty for the future – explains Naso, one of the organizers – For this reason we ask for real help and involvement in reviving tourism ». A delegation was welcomed to the Region to discuss the problems presented during the event.

Meanwhile, regional councilor Fabrizio Ricca expresses solidarity with the category and points his finger at the government: «We are always ready to listen to the cry of alarm from travel agencies and all companies in the sector and we will bring their voice to Rome. Now the government also needs to do something. The crumbs and promises made to date are no longer sufficient and sound like mockery ».

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