Turin, spouses without a mask attack the driver and damage the bus: arrested


A lady gets on the bus without a mask and the driver, also a woman, scolds her. “The mask is mandatory,” she says as the 42-year-old Italian passenger goes up with her husband, 44. However, the woman begins to insult the driver and threatens to break everything.It happened yesterday at a stop in Corso Lecce. “Without a mask I am forced to drop it,” insists the employee Gtt. And it is at this point that the passenger goes on a rampage, supported by her husband who breaks the chain that closes the driver’s cabin and with his fists breaks the dividing wall of the driving seat.
A bus passenger manages to get the couple off the bus but the two do not give up: the man pulls a switchblade knife and begins to hit the glass from the driver’s side from the outside, damaging it, while the woman grabs a stone in a small garden and tries to hit the passenger who had come to the driver’s aid.The alarm goes off. A patrol of the Madonna di Campagna police station blocks the couple and arrests both for resistance, threats and damage. The two are also reported for interruption of public service: the bus was unable to continue the journey due to the broken glass and damage inside. The cops also found that the woman had already been sued for a similar incident in October.

“The moment is difficult for everyone, but in no case are such criminal reactions tolerable.” So the mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, comments on the aggression against the driver of a bus who had refused to pick up a couple, since the woman was without a mask. On Facebook, the mayor speaks of a “shameful episode to which the firmest condemnation goes. As well as my and the whole City of Turin’s solidarity with the employee involved. Finally, thanks – he concludes -, to the citizen who intervened”.

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