Turin, he leaves her and she organizes a punitive expedition against her boyfriend – La Stampa


TORINO. The boyfriend leaves her and she, to take revenge, organizes a punitive expedition and sends friends to the young man’s house to beat him and rob him. For the episode, which took place on 30 November in the San Salvario neighborhood, the carabinieri arrested three 19-year-olds on an order for pre-trial detention and denounced a 17-year-old for aggravated robbery in the competition. Even the girl was reported. The group entered the young man’s house, pointed a pair of scissors at his throat, beat him and forced him to deliver clothes.

The carabinieri of the operational unit of the San Carlo company went back to the members of the group thanks to the victim’s statements and social monitoring. During the searches, then, clothes were found that match those stolen from the victim.

Turin, slaps, kicks, punches, pushes: the images of Aska’s punitive expedition against the pushers in Santa Giulia

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