Turin, hard line: Vagnati shock therapy


TORINO – The numbers are nightmarish. Six consecutive defeats in the last six league games (14 in all), 27 points +2 on the relegation zone, 45 goals scored. And nobody forgets the 11 goals taken in a few days between the home match against theAtalanta (7) and the trip to Lecce (4), who sentenced the end of Mazzarri to the Bull. The grenades will resume with Parma, but players will have to look at what they’ve done, which is really incredible. The president more or less veiled it Cairo: «Compared to the number of engagements, the team gave less than we expected». The Bull, for the record, it has the seventh largest engagement of the A league. The players earn handsomely but to date they have not earned such significant wages.

This is a fact that the club wanted to remind players. And also Vagnati, both at the presentation conference and to the players, asked for more attention by interrupting any type of negotiation on contract extensions. “Now we just have to think about saving ourselves, we will see the rest in the end». Obvious sign that maximum concentration is expected from the grenade, otherwise such humiliations would not be explained. And if there had been no interruption of the championship due to the COVID-19probably, given the average points and the poor game, the relegation would have been even closer.

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