Turin, baby born with the heart out of the chest


A week after birth, the baby, suffering from Ectopia cordis, is hospitalized under pediatric resuscitation in stable conditions. Next to her, the parents, Indian dad and Italian mom, who after a first ultrasound performed in India turned to the specialists of the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin, to give their daughter a chance to live.

When they returned to Italy, they were taken over by the antenatal diagnostic service of the Sant’Anna hospital (Dr. Andrea Sciarrone). This exceptional situation, organized in the operating block of Regina Margherita, saw the perfect coordination of all the specialists involved.

The girl will continue her cardiology and cardiac surgery under the direction of Dr. Gabriella Agnoletti, Director of Pediatric Cardiology, and Dr. Carlo Pace Napoleone, Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, and will need further reconstructive interventions over time.

What is Ectopia cordis Ectopia cordis, a situation in which the heart is located outside the thorax, is an extremely rare congenital anomaly, less than one case per million live births. To give life expectancy to the newborn girl with this pathology, in Turin more than 40 people worked in synergy between doctors and nurses from three different Departments of Regina Margherita and Sant’Anna.

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