Trump with the mask, here are the first images – World


The first photos and images of Donald Trump with the mask appear. In a video published by Sky News, the president is seen wearing a navy blue color during his visit yesterday to a Ford factory in Michigan. When he met the reporters he was without: “It is not necessary, I was tested today. I had one before, in the area behind it, but I did not want to give the press the satisfaction of seeing me,” he explained.

Before his arrival the attorney general of the state Dana Nessel (dem), asked him to comply with the laws of the state and the company’s policy to protect the health of workers, reminding him of his “not only legal but also social and moral to take reasonable precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. ” After the visit, she and Trump attacked each other. “The president is like a petulant child who refuses to abide by the rules. The pandemic is no joke,” Nessel told CNN, adding that the tycoon will not be welcome if it returns to the state. “The wacky and slack Michigan attorney general, Dana Nessel, is fiercely threatening the Ford company that I visited a maskless respirator manufacturing facility. It’s not their fault and then I put on a mask. That’s why many automakers left Michigan until I arrived, “Trump replied on Twitter.


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