Trump threatens to shut down social media after the confrontation with Twitter. Who had “corrected” it


WASHINGTON – It’s war between Twitter and President Trump. The social network, which for the first time called Donald Trump’s tweets “potentially misleading”, got the presidential threat of closure as a response.”The Republicans feel the social media platforms completely silence the voices of the conservatives – writes the president today. We will make regulations or close them because we cannot allow this to happen. We have seen what they have tried to do, it succeeded in 2016. We cannot allow this to happen again, in a more sophisticated way. Just as we cannot allow elections by post to become a method rooted in the country. “

On Tuesday, Twitter highlighted two of Trump’s tweets that erroneously claimed that voting in the mail would lead to widespread voter fraud, adding that the company would introduce messages to combat disinformation and fake news. “Find out the facts about mail-order voting,” you could read under each tweet. The link led to a curated fact-checking page created by the platform, full of additional links and summaries of news articles that exposed the claim. It had never happened in history.

Above all, it had never happened to Trump, by far the president who most uses the platform that has ever existed.

Trump threatens to shut down social media after the confrontation with Twitter. Who had it

Twitter said the move is aimed at providing a “context” around Trump’s remarks. But the unprecedented decision is likely to raise further questions about the willingness to apply the label to other Trump tweets that were deemed misleading by third parties.”These tweets (here is here) contain potentially misleading information about the voting process and have been labeled to provide additional context regarding email voting, “said the spokesman for Twitter Katie Rosborough to Cnn Business in an email. “This decision is in line with the approach we shared earlier this month” and this also marks the first few instances where the platform has labeled a Trump tweet as potentially misleading.

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