Trump, the finger, the moon, the elections


Trump he is considered one of the most powerful men in the world. It has at its disposal a respectable nuclear arsenal, an army among the best in the world, a divided and ethically run-down but economically still leader of the global market. Yet this man, who also makes the rules for us sitting in quarantine, the 45th president of the United States of America, he’s afraid. He is afraid of a bird, who chirps, unpleasantly, on the windowsill of his window, to say one and only thing: “Get informed”.

Or not, perhaps he is not afraid of a bird, he is not afraid of the truth either Mr. Trump, he is afraid of information, but not of what we are looking at now. So, Donald wins: qwhen the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

I’ll explain. The debate is great, but for those who have lost it, here we are: we are on May 26, the number one housemate of the White House, he tweets a very harsh attack against the system of voting by mail (very dear to the American electorate).

The San Francisco giant does not remain idle and, in accordance with its commitment regarding the fact-checking, what does he do? Adds a small link in blue which reads nothing less than “go to the facts on the vote by email” which reports to a page with some clarifications given by the company, collected through authoritative sources, such as CNN. So what? So here we are, lese majesty: the King is naked!

Naked in the face of different opinions, to that world of information that cannot control, that master is not needed. So the King takes revenge, and continues heavily on the subject, attacking Twitter, his choices, his way of doing fact-checking.

But that’s not enough, dialectics is not enough for our man of action, and so, the exercise of style becomes an exercise of power, an exercise of silence, to decide who should be silent.

Pay attention, thinking in a cold and detached way Twitter did not silence Trump, he revealed divergent information with his opinion, as he does with many other politicians from other parties. Yet the theme now is silence, even censorship, which according to the President, just that little bird would like to have imposed on him: but which he will now impose on the world of information.

A few hours, this is enough to get out of the drawer a presidential executive order already ready for some time and put a signature: from today, the technological giants that hold the information platforms, of whatever type they are, will no longer enjoy full immunity regarding, in fact, the information expressed through them and the ways in which the platform filters, arranges or highlights them .

Because information is dangerous, isn’t it? But is it dangerous when it is free or under control? In neither case, because information is always free (to fly and change people’s ideas even in the opposite direction to that desired by the writer) and always under the boss (if only of the ego of the pen behind the text) . Information is dangerous every time it creates an exchange of ideas, of different positions, every time it gives rise to questions, it stimulates debate: as in this case.

Is what Trump did right? It’s wrong? It’s a gag. But not put on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram: these are companies, they think of power and dividends, as is right in a capitalist society. It is a censorship for all of us users. The reason is simple. The platforms could be forced by governments, thanks to acts like these, to take a position on what is “right” and what is “wrong” in the accounts of all of us, in addition to the reports and modern filters used by the algorithms. This is well known by the markets. Expect a large bleeding of users because of this clash. This is why the big technology platforms of Silicon Valley are already starting to register incredible losses on Wall Street: here is the real action of Trump, hidden from the finger. As Falcone said: “follow the money”.

We finally got to the moon then, didn’t we ?! We stopped looking at the finger! No, this isn’t actually the topic of this article.

Re-read those tweets, find the connection point, what Donald J. Trump is really talking about: the elections. All this is done for the elections, freedom of information does not give a damn to anyone, not in this game. Donald does not want to be a lamb, he wants to associate the election debate on the “finger”, with the supreme right of the people of his country, with the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.

What about the moon? Where is it? What happened to it or, at least, what shape and colors does it have? The moon has well-defined names and surnames: those of 100,000 killed by Trump’s villainous policies; that of George Floyd, brutally killed by the Minneapolis police; that of the People’s Republic of China, the donkey that the ox continually indicates as horned, and of the enormous commercial clash between the two countries that is seriously damaging the American economy.

The whole fight with Twitter is only the finger. All this can teach us something important, yes to us Italians, especially in the time of elections, when our politicians will tweet: the moon is often elsewhere, higher, just remember to raise your head and open your eyes.

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