Trump: “Ferocious dogs were ready at the White House against the demonstrators”


The American president therefore argued that the “so-called protesters had little to do with George Floyd’s memory” and “were only there to cause unrest.” “These are ‘organized groups” that have nothing to do with George Floyd, “he remarked.

“I was inside, I saw every move and I couldn’t have felt safer,” wrote Trump again. “They let the protesters shout and rant as much as they wanted,” he added, before indicating what the response would have been in the event of an attack on the White House.

“Many Secret Service agents are just waiting to act. ‘We put young people on the front line, sir, they love this and it’s good training,” added the US president, quoting what he would have been told. Trump then attacked Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser because he “always asks for money and help” but did not allow the capital’s police to intervene because ‘it is not their job’. The protection of the highest authorities lies with the Secret service.

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