Trump corrected by Twitter, Zuckerberg: social media are not the arbiters of truth


The slap of Twitter The San Francisco company corrected the president for two “chirps” in which he evoked the risk of electoral fraud after California Governor Gavin Newsom and other Democratic colleagues introduced or are considering voting in the mail because of the coronavirus. .

Media: “Trump wants to reduce legal immunity from social networks” Trump’s reaction was not long in coming. According to local media reports, the president is preparing an executive order that could reduce the immunity enjoyed by social media for content by protecting it from possible causes. The measure would make it easier for regulatory authorities (in this case the Federal Trade commission) to intervene to ascertain whether companies such as Twitter, Fb, Google and Youtube suppress freedom of expression when suspending users or deleting their posts.

“Today a great day for social and impartiality” “This will be a great day for social media and impartiality!”, Tweeted the tycoon a few hours after the executive order on social platforms.

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