Trump attacks China: “Hong Kong’s special status is over.” And withdraw the US from the WHO


NEW YORK After suspending the payment of quotas, Donald Trump completes his war against the WHO (World Health Organization) by totally withdrawing the United States from the United Nations agency that deals with health on our planet.

It is a China-centric organization accuses the American president, who communicates the breakdown in a short speech to the White House in which he also announced a range – vast but still not defined – of retaliation against China against which he launches a barrage of accusations: from espionage to theft of industrial secrets, from unfair competition to illegal expansionism in territories of the Pacific Ocean that threatens the freedom of navigation, up to the national security law just passed in Beijing which undermines the autonomy of Hong Kong and puts an end to the freedom of which they have so far enjoyed the citizens of the former British colony. A violation of international agreements that should guarantee this autonomy until at least 2047.

China says Donald Trump, he says he is protecting his national security. In fact, in Hong Kong, what was until yesterday a bastion of freedom is invading with its security apparatus, the most serious measure announced by Trump the end of the special statute so far granted by the United States to the territory of Hong Kong. Bad news for China, but especially for the city whose industrial and financial dynamism fueled by these commercial privileges. However, it is not clear how fast and profound Trump’s intervention will be, which limited itself to initiating the procedures for revocation without setting a deadline and without indicating which preferential treatments will be eliminated. The president specified that my announcement today concerns the entire spectrum of the agreements we have with Hong Kong, including the revocation of the preferential treatment and the travel and customs facilities with which we today treat the city differently from the rest of China. This will no longer be the case in the future, but the President has also said that there will be some exceptions.

Trump has also opened a new chapter of sanctions against China, for now addressed to the characters identified as directly responsible for the acts that are depriving Hong Kong of its freedoms. Trump’s announcement in the White House Rose Garden marks the arrival point of an escalation of tension with China fueled earlier by the clash over trade and financial issues (accusing China of manipulating its currency and taking advantage of it America on an industrial level), then on geostrategic (Chinese expansionism on the seas) and health (the pandemic caused by the Chinese virus that Beijing has been hiding for weeks).

The drop that made the vase overflow the new national security law promoted in recent days in Beijing. If you launch it, Hong Kong will no longer be autonomous for us, warned the US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. Beijing has gone ahead anyway: the day after the regulation is approved, here comes Washington’s reaction.

May 29, 2020 (change May 29, 2020 | 11:05 pm)


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