“True reform is the only price of aid” – Libero Quotidiano


Also Bruno Vespa belongs to the ranks of those who do not let go of easy enthusiasm for the Recovery Fund. “The process to have the 81.8 billion lira fund – he writes in his editorial on The day – it is long, complex and we hope that the medicine will not reach a deceased patient. We seem to understand that the money will be largely reclaimed in installments after checking that we have kept some commitments. There is no threat from the Troika: they do not pay us the installment and it ends there. ”

This time, Europe seems to be asking for reasonable things, but the negotiation is only just beginning. Waiting to understand what will happen, Vespa pays attention to simplification decree, which has been looking forward to since it was announced by Giuseppe Conte. The premier is asked to immediately start public works financed and stopped for many years: “We do not ask him to do as Enrico Mattei who in the fifties occupied the municipalities at night with a team of partisans-workers, disemboweled the streets, placed the pipes of methane and when he woke up the furious mayor gave him a school ”.

It was another Italy, Vespa points out, according to which “today we are unable to perform ‘miracles’. Let’s at least learn to do normal things and let’s do them early“. Also because the economic situation is heavy: one million new unemployed are expected, with a loss of GDP that can reach 13%. “Germany – concludes the presenter of Door to door – will lose less than 7% and will bounce more than 10% next year. And let’s stop here. ”

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