Truck driver killed, three stops – last hour


(ANSA) – SAVONA, MAY 31 – A Polish truck driver has been
killed with a knife during a dispute with colleagues
foreigners. The episode took place last night in the car park
di Legino, in Savona. Fatal, for the man, a fifty year old, a
slit that severed the tibial artery. The truck driver is
bled to death. Police arrested three people.

To sound the alarm, by bringing in the rescuers, would be
other truck drivers who had noticed their colleague slumped
in the cockpit of his truck without showing signs of life.

When the 118 men arrived they immediately noticed the
large amount of blood lost by man. They are taken
resuscitation operations immediately, but there was no resuscitation
nothing to do. At that point the police were warned. On the
place the Savona mobile team intervened after having
collected some testimony, which reported a dispute between
Foreign truck drivers arrested three people.


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