Trieste, men in uniform point weapons against two Italians on the border with Slovenia: right-wing paramilitary hypotheses in search of migrants


The statement issued by the ministry of Defence of the Republic Slovenian solves one mystery, but leaves another open. They were not regular soldiers of the army of Ljubljana to point the guns at two Trieste on the border with Italy, in Val Rosandra. But since ours countrymen ensure that they were faced by men in uniform, here is the hypothesis that it may have been paramilitary, components of some patrols that beat the woods in search of non-EU arriving from the “Balkan route”.

There clarification of Slovenians explains that after checking the records of the patrols close along the border, where the army supports the interventions of the police in the control of the territory, it can be excluded that they were in service at the time patrols of military. A pair of Trieste, with dual nationality (Italian and Slovenian), between 10 and 11 on 8 May she had been stopped and then released to Mihele, a handful of houses, with about thirty inhabitants, in the municipality of Erpelle-Cosina. News, raising an international case, was the news Primorski Dnevnik. But now i military exclude the presence of soldiers and local police records would also confirm that version.

When the news appeared in the newspaper, from Foreign Ministry a request for clarification has been sent to the diplomatic authorities of Ljubljana, with the invitation to “maximum collaboration between the police forces along the border, also in order to speed up the ongoing investigations about the detention of the two citizens“. The confirmation that it was not military came from the defense minister Matej Tonin, who listed the tasks performed by the army in patrolling of the border and specified that only members who have completed one training special for such tasks are sent on a mission to support the police.

The couple from Trieste said they were stopped while taking a walk in the area Erpelle-Cosina. “Stop!” it was the first intimation. Then, in English, the invitation to sit down: “Sit down!”. The weapons they were aimed at ours countrymen. But when they heard that the 32-year-old man they had stopped answering in Slovenian they let them go. “We were looking for” črni “(black people, editor’s note)”), i migrants. They would say, by way of apology.

And so the hypothesis that it was a group of gardisti, exponents of extreme right hunting for migrants along the borders, which dress like the components of thearmy, but they use toy weapons to avoid being arrested. Last year a video was released in which dozens of these extremists marched in the woods of the slovenia, moving like a real army. In slovenia the issue is current, given that the government would like to attribute more powers to military. The latter, in mixed patrols, depend on the Police. “This time we got away without it accidentsbut next time it could be worse ”is the comment of the secretary general of the Social Democrats Dejan Levanič, who took the opportunity to request the resignation of the competent minister.

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