Tricolor masks against rays and gypsies. Money to Roma and crumbs to new poor – Photo 1 of 9


They don’t give up Tricolor masks. Even today they took to the square in Rome and in numerous other cities for the rights of entrepreneurs, traders and VAT numbers on their knees due to the crisis, a direct consequence of the emergency coronavirus.

In full compliance with the anti-contagion rules, in Rome they met once again in Piazza del Popolo, this time without the exceptional deployment of law enforcement that characterized the sit in last Saturday. The protest in Rome has further significance, as the site recalls 7Colli by Francesco Storace. In the capital “government harassment is joined by the very serious administrative deficiencies of the Capitol and the Lazio region, inert about the serious social crisis, capable only of telling the desert their slogans of their ideas to solve a drama for everyone – reads the site – The only allocate shopping vouchers for Roma he made the city demon, because he took advantage of the lockdown to continue discriminating against those who paid taxes as long as he could. And the tricolor serves to remember the sacrifices of the Italians “. For the traders and VAT numbers, instead, only the crumbs.

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