Tricolor arrows and assemblies –


For some days the Frecce Tricolori have been sailing the skies of our cities, to the delight of those who observe them from the street with masks on the ins. As the slogan says, it’s about stunts made as a sign of unity, of solidarity and shooting. The mayors fear the resumption of the infection, the latest being that of Bologna, who in view of tomorrow’s flight over invited the fellow citizens to do not gather. And here my already scarce faculties of savagery collapse definitively. A show that takes place in the air, and that lasts a moment, cannot be observed in solitude from the dining room at home. Heard perhaps, but not observed, unless you have a terrace. For those who unfortunately lack it, I suppose the vast majority, the only way to participate in the party sgive in the street alongside many other people: just the kind of mix of moods that worries me so much virologists to the government. But if one claims that the bear is good in the den, then he does not want to put a jar of honey in front of the entrance. It is possible that those who approved the Frecce tour over the regional capitals did not contemplate the gathering as an inexorable consequence, and now he is surprised, as if it were something unpredictable and bizarre?

possible, very possible. We are still the country where the commissioner in charge of finding masks you are outraged (with the mirror, I guess) because there are no masks.

May 28, 2020, 6:51 am – modified May 28, 2020 | 06:51

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