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Trento, 27 May 2020 – But how tall was he? “I’d say two meters.” And you? “A meter and a half”. Alexander and the bear could be the title of a film. Meetings at two thousand on the Brenta Dolomites between a 12 year old boy and a colossus just awake. Peaceful, so at least he shows himself in the filming. On the phone with mom, the baby is just as it appears in the video that made the tour of Italy (and not only): quiet. “How cool!” He exclaims at the end, when the animal has moved away on his own.

For everyone, environmentalists and professionals, the boy’s behavior was exemplary. “I was collecting mountain pine buds for the mother who makes syrup for us – he says -. I raised my head and found myself face to face with the bear. I had met him before, not so close though. Fear? No, but I felt a shiver, but only at the beginning “. In the second half, the voice of the adult accompanying Alexander is heard repeating more than once, at an escape, “It was three meters.” After guiding him, “come Ale, come, don’t give him your back, do his thing”.

“When I saw it I thought, but is it really the bear? – the child has a tone of wonder -. Then I remembered a video, explaining how to behave in such a case. “Alessandro called the person accompanying him, speaking softly. Mom was twenty meters away. His worried voice is heard towards the end of the video, which lasts two minutes A few moments of uncertainty. Then the animal took another road, moving away from Alessandro’s group. “Yes, I go back to the woods and I am calm – says the boy -. I really like going to the mountains, one day I wish that could have been my job. And I would like to meet him again. It’s quite normal for us here. ”

Giovanni Formolo, mayor of Sporminore, 700 inhabitants in the province of Trento, the area of ​​the close encounter, confirms: “We are used to knowing that there is a bear, then clearly finding it in the woods creates some fear. But those who love the mountains know how to behave. By adopting certain behaviors we can find a modus vivendi also with this creature. It can make an impression on the size but has always been an inhabitant of our woods “. Then what is most striking, Alexander’s naturalness. “This boy had a good cold head. And in the meantime he showed that he inherited from the family love for the mountains and animals, which helped him understand what to do. We are in the Adamello-Brenta park, this is the natural habitat of the bear, for us sightings are quite frequent. A few days ago we had some signs. Some bins of the wet had been overturned to look for food. We are used to living with it. ”

Alessandro put into practice what he had learned with his curiosity: he moved slowly, without jerks, “I spoke in a low voice and I never looked him in the eye”, as they say in the movies If it happens to you again? Without a moment’s hesitation, naturally: “I’m happy”. The mother in the background: “But I got scared, then it went well and I was pleased.”


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