Traveling by motorbike for two? You can, the rules updated by the government with the faqs of Phase 2


Traveling as a couple

Another attenuated lockdown weekend is approaching and, with the days that mark high pressure and almost summer sun, the question that all motorcyclists ask is always the same: you can program a gitarella, without leaving the region of residence, with the passenger? Yesterday 27 msggio the government has updated the site with the faq about the rules of this blocking period and there are some news.Until now it was possible to transport the passenger as long as he was living together, that is, he lived in the same house and therefore, going by motorbike would not have exposed him to possible contagions brought by the pilot since he lived together.
With the new government faq, however, the door opens to non-cohabitants, even if not with a clear and direct answer on motorcycles. The question is in fact resolved by answering this question.

Is it possible to use cars and other means of locomotion between non-cohabiting people?

Yes, provided that the same precautionary measures as for non-scheduled transport are respected: that is, with the presence of only the driver in the front of the car and two passengers at most for each further row of rear seats, with an obligation for all passengers to wear the mask. The obligation to wear the mask can be waived only if the car is equipped with a physical separator (plexiglas) between the front and rear row of the machine, in which case the presence of only the driver in the front row and one passenger for the rear row.
However none of these limits apply if the means are used only by cohabitants.

At this point the answer needs to be interpreted a little, but it is clear that motorcycles are among the “other means of locomotion” and that they certainly cannot be equipped with a Plexiglas divider. So to the question whether it is possible to transport the non-cohabiting passenger can you answer yes, as long as the latter wears the mask. Recall, however, that in recent weeks it had been clarified that the obligation to wear the mask with the helmet was provided only if it was a jet, while it was not necessary with the full face as long as the visor was kept lowered. Indeed, wear the mask in a fully closed helmet it can lead to clouding the visor and also give some breathing difficulties.

Recall that in the version FAQ published on May 10th, it was written that in motion you could go in two only if living together, now this reference no longer exists, moreover it is good to underline that from a legal point of view the only binding principle remains that of the Dpcm of April 26: the impossibility to keep your distance implies only the obligation of a mask. The faq do not have a legal value and therefore the only behavior punishable by law is the non-use of the mask, where mandatory.

So, in summary, this weekend we can certainly bring the cohabiting passenger, while, in our opinion, if it is a non-cohabiting passenger, you will have to wear a mask if you are wearing a jet helmet, if instead you have a full-face helmet, the mask will be a must only when you get off the bike to stretch your legs.

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