Transparent and healthy Adriatic Sea in Emilia Romagna. At the top for the reopening


Bologna, 22 May 2020 – The Adriatic is in great shape at the opening for tomorrow, Saturday 23 May, of the Emilia Romagna Riviera bathing establishments.

Crystal clear waters, with a transparency of 8-9 meters from the surface, very low chlorophyll values ​​and excellent oxygenation, both on the surface and on the bottom. Not only that: several films and photographs taken in recent days in this part of the Adriatic, considered a paradise of biodiversity for the wealth of fish species that populate it, show images of dolphins, tuna and other fish species that swim undisturbed in a well-preserved marine environment preserved and protected by regional and central authorities.

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The report prepared by the Regional Agency for the Environment and Energy of Emilia Romagna, following the withdrawals made last Tuesday by the oceanographic boat of the Daphne Operational Structure, in the sea area that goes from Cesenatico to Cattolica, passing from Bellaria Igea-Marina, Rimini, Riccione and Misano Adriatico, Arpae quotes: “The temperatures The surface waters detected today vary from a minimum of 18.5 ° C in the most offshore stations to a maximum of 20.1 ° C in the more coastal ones. High transparency also on the coast with low chlorophyll values ​​”a”. Salinity is also high both on the coast and offshore with values ​​on average around 36 psu (Practical Salinity Units). Oxygen is normal in all stations “.

The bathing water temperatures are reaching high values, and some sportsmen are already at sea with boards, sailing and windsurfing.

Also on the front of the bathing of waters, Emilia Romagna is at the top. With 91.75 percent of the bathing waters defined as “Excellent” – according to the law established by the Ministry of the Environment and the European Commission – the waters of Emilia Romagna exceed, by quality, both the Italian average, with 90 % is the European one, which reaches 85%, but also countries like Spain and Portugal. (Source: European Environment Agency – Safe waters with a high quality trend that has increased by 10% in the last 4 years.

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“The data on the quality of the waters of” our “sea underline the regional councilors for Tourism Andrea Corsini and the Environment Irene Priolo– they are excellent. We can rightly say that the Adriatic represents a paradise of biodiversity as demonstrated by the constant monitoring carried out for decades by the Regional Environment Agency. Data that give us an auspicious picture for the summer season, both from an environmental and a tourist use point of view. A resource that the recent lockdown has made even more beautiful and integral, aspects that we will analyze in depth in order to define the most effective future protection policies. We can look at the recovery of our reception system in a favorable perspective. We are confident that the clean waters of the Adriatic along with the great professionalism of all operators in the sector will be the trump card for an optimistic summer “.

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