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There is not much time left to make a decision regarding him movements between regions and therefore the opening or not of borders. And the government just doesn’t seem to be sailing in good water. If it decides to open only some regions and to slide others, it will satisfy the South but will probably make the anger of the North mount. On the contrary, if it allows the opening of all, the southern regions will revolt. So what to do? Keeping everything closed for another week seems like the government’s ultimate idea. As hga mentioned the newspaper, the prime minister tries to take time.

The hypotheses on the table

And as pointed out by the Corriere, the hypotheses, which will be proposed to the governors during the conference to be held tomorrow, are still two: either free all, or a one-week delay for all. The idea that Piedmont and Lombardy should be the only regions to do slip the opening of at least 7 days, controversy and protests immediately followed. On the other hand, the possibility of opening their borders also infuriated the Southern Regions which immediately threatened to allow only subjects with serological tests no older than three days to enter. Proposal immediately rejected by Minister Boccia, because it is contrary to the Constitution.

Hence the idea that the freedom to move from one region to another can be confirmed, with a short quarantine for some areas. Obviously, if this should be decided, the rule must also apply to foreigners. Sandra Zampa, Undersecretary for Health, stressed that “The Italians have shown responsibility, I think it is appropriate to guarantee freedom of movement with the certainty that this will not increase the infection”. According to what contained in the provision of 18 May, from 3 June travel throughout Italy should be free.

I expected the data today

The latest data from Lombardy, where there is still a high number of new infections, however, had made one think of a postponement of the reopening, also valid for Piedmont, of one or maximum two weeks. Also because some central-southern regions, primarily Sardinia and Sicily, had not welcomed the idea that the Lombards could move freely up and down the boot. Today, Friday 29 May, data on the weekly monitoring carried out by the Ministry of Health. Based on the value of the RT, the rate of contagiousness of the virus, the long-awaited decision will be made. Of course, the 21 indicators reworked by two algorithms will also be kept in mind. Taking into consideration the swabs made, the new sick, the cured and the dead, as well as the tightness of the hospital structures. However, the voice of the new infections remains the most important for travel purposes.

The idea is to reopen all borders next Wednesday, as decided in the measure of May 18. Unless there is a surge right now in some regions. In the face of possible protests from governors, especially from the South, we can think of containment solutions. Certainly not the serological test obligatory. A 4-5 day quarantine is possible, but it risks putting the recovery of tourism in crisis even more. On seven days of vacation, the idea of ​​spending five closed in the hotel is not exactly the best. If the infections in some region return to rise, the displacements will be postponed anywhere for a week. So as not to wrong anyone.

And foreigners can arrive without problems

Roberto Speranza, minister of health, sees this hypothesis well, also supported by the opinion of experts who fear new outbreaks and invite caution. And who should not accept this, and already thinks of restrictions on tourists, Boccia replied: “Restrictive measures with respect to decrees are not prohibited, but they must still be in line. Otherwise we will challenge the measures before the TAR “. From June 3, foreigners will be able to cross borders and reach our beautiful country, without surveillance measures. It is unlikely that Italians will be imposed instead.

Ricciardi’s position

According to Walter Ricciardi, consultant to the Ministry of Health, the date of June 3 is not the right one to reopen the borders between the regions. There are too many risks of an increase in infections and new outbreaks around the country. In Repubblica, Ricciardi explained that “the system of indicators it was developed centrally, rightly, but it is fueled by diagnostics and reports from the regions, so it depends on the management skills of the regional systems. If they are effective and efficient, then the data is reliable. If they are not, for a variety of reasons, those numbers are not reliable. And there are serious reasons to think that in some regions this data is not now “. A government decision, therefore based on data not entirely certain, it could be harmful.

According to the expert, a reopening would be feasible only when there is certainty in the numbers. Nor does he agree with the reopening of Lombardy which, with 20,000 home positives and countless asymptomatic subjects, calls for maximum caution. On the immune passport requested by some southern regions, Ricciardi stressed that “From a technical and scientific point of view, there are no preconditions for making it happen. Swabs and serological tests do not guarantee, for example, that anyone who is incubating the disease is always detected “.

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