Transfer and reunification to parents: here are the cases in which it is possible to obtain the score


In mobility operations it is possible to obtain an additional score if the teacher wishes to reunite with his / her family members. Let’s see the cases.

Silvia writes

I ask you a question, if I reside with my parents in the municipality where I am a lecturer but I am married and my husband lives in another municipality, do I have 6 points of reunion for transfers when I transfer? thanks. regards

Reunification score

The transfer request must indicate the province and the municipality where the family member to whom the reunification is requested resides.

In the “Municipality” box, indicate the name of the municipality where the spouse resides or the children or parents of teachers without a spouse or separated or judicially or consensually with an act approved by the court. If there are no scholastic institutions in this municipality, the nearest municipality (according to the neighboring tables) in which these institutions exist must be indicated.


The assessment table of the family needs of the transfer differs from that of the provisional assignments.

In the transfer, which is the case of the colleague, reunification with the child or parent it can be requested only if the teacher is not married or if he is separated judicially or consensually with an act approved by the court (which must be clearly shown in the attached self-certification). Furthermore, it is in no case possible to request reunification with other relatives or similar even if living together.

This means that the teacher however conjugated, regardless of where the spouse is residing and if he is living with them he cannot under any circumstances ask for reunification with children or parents precisely because they are married. On the other hand, the unmarried teacher or the separate teacher can do so, who can indifferently request reunification or to their children or parents.

Therefore, the colleague will be able to request reunification with the parents only in the provisional assignment in which there is no constraint for which the married teacher can also decide to reunite with their children or parents.

Of course, the residence of the family member you are joining must not coincide with the municipality owned by the school.

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