tranches of 600 and thousand euros are expected


The professional bonus arrives: aid in two installments for 400 thousand

Bonus in two tranches arriving for professionals. Lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers registered in the private pension funds below a certain income threshold, after the subsidy of 600 euros received for the month of March, the beginning of the coronavirus emergency, they will have two more checks, of 600 and one thousand euros, for April and May. But the categories of members of the Orders are already in the trenches and protest loudly because they complain of being discriminated against compared to other VAT holders who will instead be entitled to non-refundable refreshments due to the decrease in activity caused by the anti-contagion measures.

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After the first intervention decided at the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency with Cura Italia, where 280 million have been allocated for the bonus to professionals registered in the private pension funds, in the Relaunch decree just launched by the government, a total of another 650 million is foreseen . The «Fund of last resort income» will help to go to at least partial rescue for this category of self-employed workers affected like many others by the crisis caused by the coronavirus. However, another step is still needed to get the money into the pockets of the professionals. In fact, a provision from the Ministry of Labor is needed to assign the financing to the private pension funds, which, as in the case of the 600 euros already paid last month, will then proceed to reclaim them to the members.

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“There is no block” to the bonus, explained sources from the Ministry of Labor led by Nunzia Catalfo, and “in the next few days” the interministerial decree will be issued which will assign the necessary resources to the funds. “Therefore, the disbursement of the allowance for the months of April and May for professionals enrolled in the private pension funds that already received it in March, as specified in art. 78 of the Relaunch decree ».

503,939 applications were received for the first 600-euro subsidy and 471,932 were approved, according to the information provided by Adepp, the Association of private social security institutions. To finance two new tranches of aid to approximately 470 thousand professionals, the 650 million fund allocated by the government will not be sufficient. But the audience of beneficiaries with the rule set in the relaunch decree is expected to shrink slightly. “Two additional requirements for accessing the allowance are introduced – the technical report explains -: on the date of submission of the application, it will be necessary not to hold a permanent and subordinate employment contract and pension. To be entitled to the bonus, as already provided for the first installment, you will also need to have an income of less than 35 thousand euros, or be in the range between 35 thousand and 50 thousand and have had a 33% drop in turnover in the first quarter of the year. Above this threshold, subsidy is not foreseen. In any case, the report continues, “on the basis of the number of applications received by the bodies for the compensation for the month of March, this refinancing is to be considered appropriate for the purposes of financial coverage of the measure for the months of April and May”. However, the provision arriving from the Ministry of Labor will provide for “further selectivity criteria of the measure” and “the modalities for awarding the allowance”.

The government’s reassurances, however, have not convinced the categories so far. The opposition also protested. And the statements by the Minister of Economy, Roberto Gualtieri, have intensified the controversy. The professionals, said the owner of Via XX Settembre, “as persons”, benefit from the allowance of 600 euros in March and April and a thousand in May and therefore “are excluded from the non-refundable contribution because they are not businesses”. «I see no difference between an entrepreneur who has suffered a drop in turnover as a result of the Covid-19 and a dentist, a lawyer, an architect or an accountant who has suffered the same damage for the same reason. Two weights, two measures », replied Gaetano Stella, president of Confprofessioni, an organization representing freelancers. “We cannot be called entrepreneurs only when it comes to being taxed,” said the president of Inarcassa, the social security body of architects and engineers, Giuseppe Santoro. “The exclusion from the non-refundable contribution only creates profound discrimination for no valid reason,” he added referring to the tax-free refreshment provided for other categories of self-employed workers such as traders and artisans. “We are tired of finding ourselves always discriminated against and furthermore taxed,” said Adepp president Alberto Oliveti. It is time for the government to correct the pull. “

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