Tragedy in the waters of the Idice: 17 year old dives with friends and drowns


BOLOGNA – The lifeless body of Riccardo Zum Brown, the 17 year old who was dispersed by the waters of the Idice torrent on the border between the territories of San Lazzaro di Savena and Ozzano dell’Emilia, in the Bolognese area, was found. The call for help arrived around 15.45. An hour and a half later, the discovery of the course immersed in water a few tens of meters from the point of the stream, near Castel de Britti, where the boy had dived together with a group of friends.The victim had gone to the river with a dozen acquaintances slightly younger than him. Along a dirt road, which connects via Idice to the riverbed, the group had settled in a point where the current is strong and creates jumps between large stones. “A stretch – explain the residents – not very deep, but where there are holes that create dangerous reels”. Riccardo, according to the story of his friends, “had just entered the water and perhaps slipped to a deeper point from which, perhaps not knowing how to swim well, due to a reel he was no longer able to come out”. One of his companions also tried to save him, failing because of the currents, before calling for help.
The fact is that swallowed up by the river, his body was found several tens of meters further downstream. A disgrace, the first of this summer’s eve, but not the only one compared to the tragedies that are recorded along the waterways of the entire region in the summer. Rivers that – as in the case of the Idice where the danger signs are well exposed – are not suitable for swimming.The divers who found the body immediately brought it to the surface but for the young man, who remained in the water for over an hour, there was nothing more to do. The research was attended by Saer technicians and divers, helicopter flight and water rescue department of the firefighters. On the spot also the carabineri who had the difficult task of notifying Riccardo’s grandfather who lives in Ozzano dell’Emilia. The man, who arrived on the spot in tears, had to warn the boy’s parents by telephone of the misfortune. Riccardo Zum Brown was born in Bologna and was of African origin. The parents of the other children still shaken by the incident arrived on the river bank. The carabinieri collected their testimonies.

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