Tragedy in swimming: Lombini and Rossetti died in a plane crash


The blue swimming mourns the tragic disappearance of two young athletes, Fabio Lombini and Gioele Rossetti, victims of a plane crash near Rome.

L’ultralight plane on which they were on board crashed shortly after take-off at the Crazy Fly flight school, a Neptune (Rm), in via Avezzano. The Ansa reports it. There was nothing for Lombini, 22-year-old from Forlì (In Sport-Vigili del Fuoco) and Rossetti, 23-year-old Roman (Aurelia Nuoto), who seems to have been driving the vehicle.

According to reports from the firefighters, the plane would be crashed after takeoff and would have caught fire for reasons to be ascertained. Lombini, silver at the absolute winter championships of 2017 in the 200 freestyle in 1’44 ″ 60 behind Filippo Megli and ahead of Filippo Magnini, already national at the Universiade of Taipei and at the European short-tank championships in Copenhagen in 2017, he was carrying out a collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.

This is the note of Federnuoto: “The Federation, shocked and stunned, expresses the deepest condolences to family, friends and society. The sentiments of condolence from President Paolo Barelli, from honorary presidents Lorenzo Ravina and Salvatore Montella, from vice presidents Andrea Pieri, Francesco Postiglione and Teresa Frassinetti, from general secretary Antonello Panza, from the council and from the federal offices, from the technical director of the national swimming team Cesare Butini and of the whole aquatic movement “.

SPORTAL.IT | 31-05-2020 17:16

Source: Screenshot taken from Instagram

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