Tragedy in Borghetto Lodigiano: he stabs his mother in the neck and then slaughter himself


Helicopter Rescue
Helicopter Rescue
Borghetto Lodigiano (Loid), 26 May 2020 – Tragedy this afternoon around 3pm Borghetto Lodigiano, in a court house in the Casoni hamlet. Roberto Bianchi, 44, has hit in the throat with a kitchen knife mother 80 years old. Then with the same knife he took his own life, slaughtering himself. The elderly woman was transported by helicopter to the San Matteo hospital in Pavia and is in very serious conditions. He had extensive bleeding and a deep neck injury. On the case they are investigating in the police of the investigative nucleus of Lodi.

Reportedly, the neighbors who heard the two heard this afternoon to argue. According to what was reconstructed, a neighbor as soon as she heard the screams, would have opened the door where the two lived and would have seen the 44-year-old stabbing his mother. To try to desist it, he took the curtain rod that covered the front door and gave it to him screamed, several times, of stop. threatened in turn, however, she moved away while he committed suicide.

Whites that had no precedent, he owned a pizzeria in Codogno. In the apartment they were found two knives soiled with blood, but the exact dynamics of what has happened must still be reconstructed. From the first reconstructions and information collected the pizza maker, despite the crisis due to Covid, he did not have a worrying economic situation. At the time of the arrival of 118 he was still alive but despite the help he didn’t make it: he died shortly after. The mother is in a reserved prognosis. Upset Giovanna Gargioni, mayor of Borghetto: “I’m absolutely speechless. This was a woman of character and good mood. The son gave the idea of ​​a meek person. ”

(collaborated LAURA DE BENEDETTI)

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