Trade unions point to the school strike on June 8. Conciliation table: unsatisfactory responses from the Ministry


press release FLC CGIL – CISL SCHOOL – UIL SCUOLA RUA – SNALS CONFSAL – GILDA UNAMS – To start again you need extraordinary investments, not small adjustments. The meeting with the Ministry of Education was held today by videoconference for the attempt at conciliation requested by the unions following the proclamation of the state of agitation.

The meeting, chaired by the Head of Cabinet, Dr. Luigi Fiorentino, left the union organizations that had requested it, represented by their secretaries general, completely unsatisfied.

Except for the updating of the rankings of the alternates, a proposal that had already found a decisive answer in the conversion text of the School Decree approved in recent days by the Senate, on all other issues set out in the letter sent for the attempted conciliation, the Trade Unions have had to take note of the total absence of specific commitments from the Administration.

In particular, no availability with respect to the request for a strengthening of the staff of the teaching staff and ATA, the need for which is made clear by the contents of the document with which the Scientific Technical Committee indicates the indispensable measures for a safe restart of activities in the presence, setting spacing parameters that will impose an articulation of work on small groups of pupils. This document, in providing a detailed picture of the situation which will have to be taken into account when planning the reopening of schools from next September, in light of all the precautions to be taken to prevent contagion risks, made the insufficiency of resources even more evident intended for the education system to deal with emergencies; in order to meet the increased needs of teachers and school collaborators, as well as the necessary supply of sanitary materials and PPE for pupils and staff, it is indeed necessary to foresee a substantial increase. If you really want to return safely to face-to-face activities, they are not enough
small adjustments, extraordinary investments are needed.

Equally not accepted, in today’s meeting, all the requests made by the unions:

  • ensure strict compliance with the limit of 20 pupils per class in the presence of pupils with disabilities, review at least in the present emergency the parameters for the sizing of educational institutions, provide for the safety of buildings, promote regulatory changes that take away school managers from improper responsibilities regarding the maintenance of buildings, increase FUN resources for Management,
  • provide for a competition reserved for administrative assistants acting as DSGA. All this adds up to the failure to implement the commitments that would have allowed many precarious workers with at least three years of service to stabilize the employment relationship as early as next September, just as there is no certainty as to the resources to be allocated to the renewal of the Contract for the three-year period. 2019-21.

From the totally negative outcome of the conciliation attempt, the unions’ decision to call for the strike of all state school staff for the entire day of Monday 8 June follows. It is a decision taken in full awareness of the extraordinary nature of the situation in which the school is forced to operate, in a context of general emergency for the entire community, in which, however, delays and deficiencies have emerged with even greater evidence, from which our system is plagued by the lack of an adequate level of investment, highlighted several times in recent years in investigations and international relations. Precisely for this reason, the need to restore education and training to the due centrality in political choices is becoming even more pressing, because overcoming
of the current emergency, with a safe return to face-to-face activities, also signs of an important moment of renewal and growth for the school system.

There is a strong fear of the reopening of schools, as today there is no clear and well-defined project on how to return to face-to-face teaching activities. The staff of the school in recent months has given a great test of responsibility, civic sense, passion for their work: these cannot be the only resources to be counted on, it is time to do their part to the end. responsibility to govern the country


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