Tourism, Spain reopens from 1 July: “Come, there is no risk”. Germany: yes to the Austria-Italy corridor


The shirts begin to loosen: the countries begin to open to tourism. Slowly, day after day, the chances of traveling this summer increase despite the COVID-19 has not been defeated. We start again, but always in safety. «I encourage the Spaniards to plan their holidays now. In addition, starting from July, foreign tourists will return to Spain safely, “said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez at a conference on the country’s reopening phases from the emergency coronavirus. «We will ensure that tourists take no risk and that they do not bring us any risk. There is no contrast between health and business, “he added.

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Summer 2020, in hotels with masks, on trains and buses in single file: how we will travel

Tourists from Germany and Switzerland will be able to cross Austria to reach Italy. As the website of the Vienna Ministry of Interior informs, Austria can already be crossed without stopping. Hermann Gahr, responsible for relations with South Tyrol of the popular party Oevp, also reiterates this. “That Austria prevents the passage of German tourists who want to reach South Tyrol is a fairy tale that has evidently been told with a specific purpose,” said the exponent of the party of Chancellor Kurz in the press. In Germany, notices for travel abroad, the so-called depreciation, however, remain in effect until 14 June. Meanwhile, lto France imposes a 14-day quarantine period, but only for all those arriving from Great Britain. This is a countermeasure adopted as a sign of “reciprocity” for the London decision to request two weeks’ isolation for anyone arriving from abroad starting next June 8, writes the Guardian.

Tourism, 1 in 2 Italians will not go on Covid-19 post-emergency vacation

The situation however, it is still fragmented in Europe where however, just as in the case of displacements between regions, monitoring of the epidemiological situation will continue to avoid a relapse. The ECDC, the Brussels Agency for Diseases, will oversee the mapping of the EU territory and, if necessary, block travelers entering and leaving areas at risk. At the moment, however, in European and non-European countries, different rules are still in force, with differentiated controls or invitations to adopt a certain type of behavior. Sometimes even one is imposed 14-day preventive quarantine which would make planning a vacation difficult. For Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council (Css), “We are moving towards a gradual reopening, but it will be important to track arrivals to prevent return infections”.

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