Tornadoes in the depths resumed in Australia, the strange phenomenon that worries oceanologists


As they were streaming images of a dive in Coral Sea Marine Park, Australia, what they never expected would happen: an underwater tornado. And from the Schmidt Ocean Institute Oceanographic Foundation, they immediately commented it live as something “truly unusual”, “incredible” and “strange”.

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A tornado in the depths, the bizarre phenomenon filmed by scientists

According to marine geologist Robin Beaman, that tornado could be the sign of a benthic storm, a phenomenon that would involve waves traveling under the surface of the ocean and creating turbulence to the bottom. Scholars, however, said they did not know the cause of that vortex captured by the video, which has now gone viral.

The filming released on Twitter is part of a much longer direct that had as its objective to control an unmapped seabed area known as the “Queensland Plateau”.


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