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Ever since he rose to the political and military heights of the China in 2012, Xi Jinping has always had only one dot: put socialism and capital under control. That is, idealism and necessity. That if it is not a utopia, it goes very close, but not enough to not try to achieve it.

President Xi Jinping

And his last step, the one with which he practically put to study the entire People’s Assembly Committee, authentic faith. The leader who in 2009 had said that “China does not export hassle” he gave to the people his first Civil Code, with 1260 articles spread on six large thematic sections.

Two whole chapters are devoted to contracts and properties, followed by personality rights, marriages and family, inheritance and civil liability. All the scary ‘Cunningness’ of the new China bipolar condensed in just over a thousand pages.

Because if on the one hand a regulatory system disconnected from the desired policy represents a genuine injection of progress and a leap forward in collective ethics, on the other hand those codicils do much more.

Right-hand drawing concepts like property and contracts is the definitive bridge with which the Dragon holds the habit of socialism but looks at business, flywheel with a West to which China now dictates timing and pace in economics, finance and geopolitics. Xi Jinping has made his, perhaps without knowing it, Napoleon’s dream, who on his deathbed was more proud of his judicial reforms than the battles he won.

But winning on the global market can be much more crucial than winning in Austerlitz, and this instead Xi Jinping knows very well.

Dragon of a Dragon.


“When the shuttle retired, NASA astronauts had only one way to get to space: hitchhiking on a Russian Soyuz rocket». He wanted to play on it, NASA chief administrator Jim Bridenstine, commenting on the first all-american space flight (and private, which is almost the same) from the Shuttle program.

Doug Hulrey

The curtain was brought down by the Atlantis spacecraft in 2011, a de profundis after the Columbia tragedy disintegrated due to a chain of human errors, killing the entire crew. Since, US astronauts had flown only with foreign carriers. And it was on that occasion that one of the crew members, Doug Hulrey, carried a small American flag on board the international space station, a wreck recovered from the disaster. He did it with a magone as big as a house, because he knew that that was the end of an era. The world saw Russian, Chinese carriers and the Arianne program monopolize the sector.

And the idea that the ‘taxis’ were precisely the former ever rivals of the former USSR it was pure gall. In American things there is always the mystique of the redemption, of the return. And someone who finances it. Like the one who in these minutes should have seen Hurley return to the crew at first US flight departing from the Kennedy Space Center. With a rocket Space X and form Crew Dragon blown a Boeing at the last second. Cursed bad luck: bad weather on Tuesday evening forced the postponement of the launch at the last moment.

On board, shot in orbit, the pride of returning to a place seen by the Americans as the frontier of which were the first settlers, space cow boys, with the Soviets forced to become Indians. Interviewed by the CBS, Hurley announced that that flag left on the ISS will recover nine years ago. With emotion. And with that madman’s money Elon Musk, who is the master of the rocket and has closed stellar contracts to turn Space X into a true space Uber for commercial flights.

Of heart and pocket.



No way. The judges who preside the corruption trial against the Israeli premier Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyau they rejected the defense’s request for another quarter to “study the case”.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel / Jolanda Flubacher

The very strong man of Israel, brother of Yoni, spotless hero of Entebbe who at home is a kind of Pietro Micca, is accused to have laid down laws in favor of some tycoons in the country, earning some not really low cost gifts.

In the trial earlier this week, his lawyers had asked for an extension to better browse the papers. In favor of the premier, who for his family is a kind of proto-martyr victim of the coup d’etat of the Labor robes (the whole world is Italy) had also lined up Yariv Levin. Meaning? None other than the President of Parliament, the Knesset. Then Levin is himself a high exponent of Likud, the ultra-conservative Party of Netanyau, is a particular scuffle.

In any case, the mastina judge of the District Court of Jerusalem, Rivka Friedman, replied spades to the prime minister’s defenders. Simply putting it down: You have had more than a year to study the cards, it is enough to allow your client to exercise the right to defend himself. Friedman is not new to classroom trials with government bigwigs: at the time she had convicted the then Defense Minister Mordechai.

For its part, ‘Bibi’ continues to wail the litany of the political conspiracy: “The goal is to bring down a strong and right-wing premier». For now he has lost the first round.

Western wall.


That Donald Trump it was delicate as a caterpillar was known. But the Americans liked it very little the minimal attention that the President of the United States of America has dedicated to achieving the sad goal of 100,000 US deaths for Covid – 19.

Donald Trump

The Stars and Stripes people have always been very attentive to the publicity drives of its leaders and empathy with the sentiments that are circulating in the nation. And don’t forgive gaffes. On Memorial Day, Trump “touched it very softly” from a golf course in Virginia. And it sparked the eternal kraken of the American middle class, for which every dead person with a blue passport, whether in war or in catastrophic events, is in fact a ‘fallen’. That deserves convinced words and not tartine slogans.

But the president with the orange mop has perhaps glissed a little too much on the subject, and the people are sorry. And the people have told him clearly and roundly, with billboards on Pensylvania Avenue and on social media.

Peter Baker, in the New York Times, it went down very hard in tandem with a Biden cube opportunist. Even to make the tare to the known aversion of the newspaper for the Republicans and for Trump in particular, the impression is that he was on the piece from start to finish.

«While the country approached six-digit death figures the president, who repeatedly criticized his predecessor for golf during a crisis, spent the weekend connecting the web for the first time since March. When you’re not fiddling with an electric toy car, it is on social networks to embrace marginal conspiracy theories, by relaying messages from a racist and sexist Twitter account».

He does not see the hole.

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