“Too little for Italy, the patient of Europe” – Libero Quotidiano


“I am particularly worried about Italy”. Words of George Soros, a character that much of Italy has never loved so much. So, interviewed by the newspaper De Telegraaf, defines us “the patient of Europe“, adding that we have been” mistreated by the EU and Germany “. In short, a substantial defense of Soros to the Belpaese, which attempts a sort of moral suasion so that Holland and therefore the EU change the line towards us on aid. Soros then explains how Europe can maintain its AAA rating and issue perpetual bonds, known as Consol in Britain and the United States, to face the dual challenge of Covid and climate change.

According to the Soros proposal, the EU should authorize the exploitation of “own resources”, without waiting for the funds to be physically collectedin short, perpetual bond and Coronabond are two different things. According to Soros, the Dutch can make a choice: “Continue to oppose the Consol and consequently accept a doubling of the budget, or convert into convinced supporters of the Consol and, if successful, increase their contribution to the budget by only 5%. The capital of the Consol it will never be repaid, only interest would be paid. In the event of a rate of 0.5%, an issue of 1,000
billions of euros would cost 5 billion a year “, with a ratio according to Soros,” incredibly low by 1: 200 “.

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