Tomorrow the green light for Serie A. The players: “No to the games of 4.30pm or 5pm”. Injunctive decree against Sky


Tomorrow, Thursday 28 May, is the day: Minister Vincenzo Spadafora will meet Gabriele Gravina and Paolo Dal Pino at 6.30 pm in call conference and will kick off the “new” Serie A championship, 124 games to play all over. a breath, in the summer, in the heat and three times a week. A marathon. A demonstration of ultra for tomorrow afternoon averted in front of Palazzo Chigi. Anyone who fears the risk of accidents is because they don’t want to play. The risks are there, okay, but this is an extraordinary situation and closing now would result in enormous damage to the clubs, someone would risk not signing up for the next season and the players would be cut 4 months’ wages (that’s a lot of money).Gabriele Gravina remembered it clearly today who fought and fought to save this season (and football). Better to play, therefore, with all the necessary precautions. The go-ahead from the government is practically obvious: minus the date of recovery. The League of A still wishes on June 13, if it were the 20th it could create problems that the three start of the Italian Cup. It is not yet known how to start again: there are different currents of thought. Immediately putting the two semi-finals of the Italian Cup (Juve-Milan and Napoli-Inter) would be a nice gift to Spadafora who from March invokes the free matches (he does not give up, tomorrow he could make a proposal, or the Direct Goal or even some competition in the clear: it would still take a decree). And the Italian Cup, as is known, belongs to Rai which broadcasts it on the flagship Rai 1.
There are also those who push to recover the 4 missed matches immediately and those who would like to start with a full day, the 27th, 10 games to spread over the weekend. You will see: the League has scheduled an assembly for Friday to talk about this too. To agree also on the times: to meet the TV (Sky, Dazn and Img) the ideal are three slots. The League had thought at 4.30pm, 6.45pm and 9pm. The players immediately rebelled, “madness playing in the afternoon with that heat”. Here, then, another hypothesis: 17, 19.15 and 21. You could slip even further, even at 22 (in Spain they play at 23). Football by night. Unpublished times for our championship. But this hypothesis is not good either.”We confirm our no to the games of 4.30pm or 5pm,” explains Umberto Calcagno, vice-president of the football union (AIC). The afternoon slot should be given up, but this would create problems for Sky, with which the clubs are already at war. Then there is the minister Spadafora who would like to play the goal in the clear (Sky, if desired, has Tv8). A mediation would be the highligts, but if you do not yet know the times it is impossible to find an agreement. We will talk about it tomorrow, and also Friday when the new championship calendar should be held.

The problem of quarantine remains: the CTS last night was very severe with the presidents and does not give in, “14 days like everyone else” explained Brusaferro and his companions. In practice, the technical scientific committee does not want the world of football to have privileges. The League, however, does not give up, on all sides in Europe an individual and non-group quarantine is foreseen, and for only seven days: around June 7-10, just on the eve of the restart, Dal Pino-De Siervo will still go to the ‘assault. Because as it is now it is a serious problem: in case of a positive player during the championship, you would risk throwing everything upside down. But it will be necessary to see what the situation in the country is like in 10-14 days and certain cases such as those in Bologna today do not help.

Official: order for payment of the League against Sky

It’s official: the Serie A League tonight presented an injunction against Sky to the civil court of Milan that did not pay the last installment of the TV rights of this championship, 130 million plus VAT. The decree was deposited by the lawyer Romano Vaccarella, former Silvio Berlusconi lawyer and former judge of the Constitutional Court. The companies chose this path, just on the eve of the government’s decision, only against Sky, which had asked for a discount for the next vintage, and not towards Dazn and Img with whom there is still a negotiation. With Sky, which in recent years has invested 7 billion for Italian sport, there has been a tough clash: the clubs have been irritated by some letters sent by Sky. Last week there was a last attempt at mediation, Sky on Sunday made it known that he had no intention of paying, as the championship had stopped since March 9, and so the presidents decided on this forceful action. In the Bundesliga they have found an agreement with Sky De, here the path of the court is chosen (when it reopens). The Italian clubs feel strong of an “armored” contract both for this and for the next season, Sky is ready to fight given the exceptional situation in which our football lives, and not only our football.

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