Tommy Hilfiger sells the Spring-Summer 2020 collections live today


What better method to sell the Spring-Summer 2020 if not an event in live streaming, with the participation of exceptional guests?

Thinking about it is a stylist who for some years has been carrying out the philosophy of see now buy now and that of the force of the direct made his own workhorse: Tommy Hilfiger.

The American designer plays the virtual and interactive event card to tease his fans and potential buyers, weakened by the coronavirus but even more digitized after the forced lockdown of these months, and goes live on

Today in Europe and North America the collections Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans is Tommy Sport they are in fact ready for immediate sale at 19 Cest (Central European summer time) and 13 East (time zone of the east coast of the United States) – even if they will remain available for another two weeks – as part of an event conducted by the model Manuela Frey and with special guests like the actress Zoe Pastelle.

“In the last 35 years interacting with consumers by creating experiences that surprise them has been at the heart of what we do – said Tommy Hilfiger -. Today we have to push our philosophy even further see now buy now to stay in touch with where, when and how consumers want to experience fashion ».

Michael Scheiner, chief marketing officer of Tommy Hilfiger Global, added: «The forms that the see now buy now can assume are infinite: our live streaming shopping event is just one of many and we see infinite short and long term opportunities. Ultimately, the consumer is the boss and we must offer the experience he is looking for in our brand’s DNA “.

The added value of the event is given by interactivity: those who tune in to will be able to interact with guests by asking questions, voting for content and participating in pop-up games (in the photo, two outfits of spring-summer 2020).


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