Toghe, Colle dissolves the silence “Mingling with inadmissible policy”


After many allegations and some background in which a dissolution of the CSM was expected, the words of the President of the Republic finally arrive, Sergio Mattarella, on the Palamara case. Mattarella’s latest statements on Palamara and the judiciary dated back to a year ago, when the Head of State defined the picture that emerged from the investigation as “disconcerting and unacceptable” and said that the time had come to turn the page in CSM.

The words of the Head of State, which arrived on this Friday in late May, are of “bewilderment and disapproval”. For the Quirinale there is an inadmissible mixture of politicians and magistrates. In a note Mattarella explains: “With reference to the events inherent in the judicial world, taken in recent days on the subject of political contention, the President of the Republic has already firmly expressed in his own time – the Superior Council of the Judiciary – the serious bewilderment and disapproval as it emerged, as soon as the degeneration of the current system and the inadmissible mixture of politicians and magistrates.

The President urges changes in the law and internal regulations to prevent an unacceptable custom such as that which has arisen, hoping that the Parliament approves an adequate reform of the training rules of the CSM. A reform that contributes – together with the fundamental and decisive plan of individual behavior – to fully restore the prestige and credibility flawed by what appears to the judiciary, safeguarding the indispensable value of the independence of the judiciary, the basic principle of our Constitution. However superfluous it must be clarified that the President of the Republic moves – and must move – within the scope of the tasks and according to the rules laid down by the Charter and by law. And it cannot dissolve the Superior Council of the Judiciary on the basis of its own discretionary evaluation.

If political parties and parliamentary groups are in favor of a CSM formed on the basis of new and different criteria, it is necessary that they prepare and approve in Parliament a law that provides for it: this task is not entrusted by the Constitution to the President of the Republic, but to the government and Parliament. “Government and parliamentary groups have announced initiatives in this regard and the President of the Republic hopes that new legislation will soon be brought in”.

“However, a message from the Head of state to Parliament to solicit legislative initiatives announced as imminent. The President of the Republic will be responsible for assessing the compliance with the Constitution of what was resolved at the end of the legislative process, within the limits and within the limits set for the promulgation “.

The statements of Matteo Salvini:“The Quirinale intervenes on the scandal of politicized and intercepted magistrates, reiterating bewilderment and disapproval: good”. The leader of the League then goes on the attack: “The apologies or the improbable justifications of the interested parties are not enough, we ask that all people involved in the scandal resign from their positions (judicial or political), from which shameful attacks on me and the League emerge. Italy and Italian justice deserve to better: we need a reform of the CSM, be reelected by drawing lots as also requested by Dr. Nordio and proceed to a complete reform of justice, based on certain times of trials, certainty of punishment, responsibility for errors and delays, separation of careers between judges and prosecutors “.

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