Togas scandal, here are the cards on Palamara


Feuds, friendships, maneuvers. And even negotiations so indecisive as to be ashamed of them even in front of their children. The world that revolved around Luca Palamara, the Roman prosecutor who became the symbol of the investigation on the rotten in the judiciary, also tells this: with Palamara that to receive interlocutors, including the deputy of the Democratic Party Cosimo Ferri (now moved to Italy alive) evict family members. “Look, I meant to tell you tomorrow night. Well, if I do something restricted by me, it’s not that you can all go out, right?” Can you go out, Lavinia and Rocco, can I say a little? », Palamara wrote to his wife on April 17, 2019. Then, more prosaically, there is also concern about the costs of the banquet:« What can I do pizzas or a plate of pasta? but the pasta then becomes a mess .. what can you do ready without paying a lot … ».

Color, small incursions of the investigation into the private life of the protagonists. Then, however, there are serious things. And the more the interceptions made by the Prosecutor of Perugia digging on Palamara, the more serious the collusion emerges. And the maneuvers that the organized currents of the National Magistrates Association are carrying out for operations that have little to do with justice, and a lot with politics.

The most striking is the one against Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior in the Conte 1 government, who ended up in the sights of the Agrigento Prosecutor’s Office for opposing the landing of the ship Eighteen. The CSM starts in defense of the Agrigento prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, who is investigating the League leader. From the chats, it turns out that ordering Palamara to unleash the CSM in defense of the Sicilian magistrate was none other than his vice-president, the ex-communist deputy, diessino and piddino Giovanni Legnini, who wrote to Palamara: «Luca, we have to say something for the known story ».

We are in August 2018, the mandate of the CSM has expired, its members are in charge only for ordinary administration. But Palamara launches into the operation. And then he boasts with Patronage: “Dearest Luigi, he will also call you Legnini, we are all a hug with you,” he writes at 4:46 on August 24. “Thanks. He has already called me and made me very happy. ” A month later, Palamara reaffirms its closeness to Patronage for the criticisms that rained down on him: “Dear Luigi, I am close to you, be strong and hold on as always we are all with you a hug”. «Thanks, I am very pleased. It is an intimidating act rather “signed” … by certain extremist circles ».

Palamara’s relations with Legnini, the link between the CSM and the Quirinale (first with Giorgio Napolitano, then with Sergio Mattarella) are close and continuous. When Palamara has to settle a magistrate friend, Adele Verde, who aspires to be a secretary to the CSM («Dear Luca, Massimo told me that she believes that the practice that concerns me should be treated in the next consultation … This terrifies me because I it looks like an uphill road. You believe that nothing can be done .. but nothing at all ???? It would be a nice gift “), Palamara comforts her saying that she will talk about it with the vice president:” Monday morning I talked about it with Legnini because in my opinion every card must be tried to get you in, “he writes.

Of these recommendations the chats that emerged from the phone overflow. Not once, not even by mistake, when discussing an assignment, is the value of a candidate mentioned. Only of his current affiliation: like when Paolo Auriemma, of the same current of Palamara (Unicost, center) vents with him for a candidacy: «I only criticize the fact that we have loaded a Corderian (from Paolo Cordero, former Venetian leader of Unicost, editor’s note), the most criticized for its ease. And I don’t understand why Rome has to charge it. One who in Brescia does not want and will make us lose votes ». And Auriemma continues, tracing an involuntary portrait of the entire CSM trend: «The truth is that in your election campaigns you have not undergone the slimy double-play of Cordero and his followers. That made the prosecutor of the Independent Judiciary vote for those who fimo the day before were from Unicost. So you can’t understand how nasty I am. And I am convinced that these are people who will betray us again ».

In the time left free from the partition of the armchairs, at CSM they continue to deal with politics. After the one in favor of patronage, the chats recount the call to arms of the currents against Claudio Borghi, president of the League’s budget committee, who dared to grumble for an administrative sanction confirmed by the Cassation. Thus among the currents the collection of signatures to open a case to protect the colleague and against “very serious declarations which, due to their content and the institutional role of the interviewee, delegitimize the highest judicial body in the country”.

As is well known, the “guardianship practice” is a tool that the CSM has at its disposal to take sides with unjustly accused magistrates. But Palamara chats tell how this tool is used only to protect colleagues attacked by the right. In May 2018, the surveillance court of Milan granted Silvio Berlusconi rehabilitation, which essentially restores his uncensored status. It is a right that is recognized to those who have served their sentence and have no longer committed crimes. But on Repubblica a very heavy article comes out against the rehabilitation of the Cav signed by the president of the Milanese court, Giovanna Di Rosa. Milanese judge Rosario Spina wrote to Palamara: «I read the Milella article on Berlusconi’s rehabilitation, offensive to Giovanna Di Rosa and Unicost. Are we asking for the opening of a case to protect? ». And Palamara, ineffable: “The opening of a practice to protect would only end up dramatizing a situation that must be put to sleep: quieta non movere mota quietare”. A precept, one would say, that the CSM applies only to alternate cases. “Moreover – adds Palamara – we would end up clashing with the freedom of the press with obvious criticisms that it will be difficult to face from the media point of view”: another valuable rule, which the robes reserve only for the friendly press.

After the case of the Diciotti ship, in May 2019 another identical story broke out, the Sea Watch 3 and its captain Carola Rackete starring: and here too Palamara takes the field next to his friend Patronage who on May 29, 2019 sends him « present that it has only internal purposes “in which the defense line is established:” the Sea Wacth 3 could not enter the port of Lampedusa because its shape prevents air traffic and its prolonged positioning at anchor had a negative impact on the health of the his passengers “, he writes, announcing (even if the data would be covered by the preliminary investigation) that” the representatives of the NGO will already be registered in the register of suspects for aiding and abetting illegal immigration “.

Defense of the caste and subdivision of the offices: the time of Palamara and of the world around it seems equally distinct between the two tasks. On the second side, the chat that the leader of Unicost has with Valerio on January 15, 2019 is also significant. Both appear concerned by the ruling of the TAR of Lazio which, overturning the agreements between the currents, rejected Roberto Tanisi’s appointment to the top of the Lecce court of appeal, accepting the appeal by Lanfranco Ventrone. «They tell me that Unicost has given up Tanisi for Vetrone. Here is a mess “, writes Valerio,” Let me know what really happens about Lecce. It was part of an overall agreement. Spina is Lucanian like Vetrone. He cares?” “It is not Spina’s problem but an overall situation”: Palamara replies, and lists other positions on which the division risks jumping because of the sentence. To worry “Valerio” there is also something else: “Vetrone has done embarrassing things” both in Catanzaro and in Potenza (…) In the first case an incredible measure on the exemption of a magistrate, in Potenza ministerial inspection that has found a casino in the court he directed. Here in Lecce someone is determined to make the two public and the CSM does not make a good impression .. ».

Then there is the great agitation around crucial appointments to the Milan prosecutor, the six “adjuncts” who must support the head Francesco Greco. On 21 September 2017 Nicola Clivio, outgoing director, sent his “five”, the list of future nominees (which will then be fully respected) to Palamara. Palamara asks “where can I vary?” because he has to place one of his own, and the two plan to evict the public prosecutor Tiziana Siciliano from the nominations: “She is the least deployed and therefore the most vulnerable.” It is the deployment, as always, that makes the candidates strong.

Ne July 2018. the Italian magistrates go to vote for the new CSM, Palamara ceases from office but continues to be as powerful as and more than before. And he continues to have a preferential relationship with Giovanni Legnini, the former vice president of the board of directors. But in the meantime the investigation of Perugia has started, Palamara’s phone has been put under control: so the relationships between the two are no longer reconstructed backwards thanks to the chats but listened to live. On March 21, 2019, Legnini and Palamara hear each other, first they speak hastily of the funeral of a magistrate (“we had named him, he died at sixty-three years”) then move on to serious things: at the funeral, says Legnini, “I saw the notary there .. Ciampini .. who told me we have to see each other, we have to have a dinner and I said oh well ». Ciampini, notes the Finance, is the notary who appears in numerous companies of Fabrizio Centofanti, the entrepreneur friend of Renzi and Zingaretti investigated together with Palamara. After a few days the dinner is organized and the attendance widens: to Cosimo Ferri, and also to Andrea Baldanza, magistrate of the Court of Auditors and former head of cabinet at the Lazio Region. «With regard to the magistrate of the Court of Auditors Baldanza Andrea – the yellow flames write – it seems appropriate to highlight how the same had already emerged in the context of investigations in relations and frequentations with Centofanti Fabrizio, Amara Piero, Bigotti Ezio, the Russian judge Nicola and Palamara himself ».

The same company, some more and some less, met a few days later at the house of a friend, a lawyer, that G., study colleague of another vice president of the CSM.

But at that point an almost dramatic domestic crisis for Palamara triggers: not by the official wife but by his partner, Adele Attisani.

Attisani: “Anyway you have to disappear because in these moments you are not even there and Legnini is now nobody because it is not that you work together”.

Palamara: «Listen to Adele but listen to me for a moment».

Attisani: «So it’s not that you have to discuss work understood».

Palamara: Adele Adele listen for a moment ».

Attisani: «You don’t have to talk about work, you have to do the shit that you organize».

Palamara: «Adele listen to me Adele listen to me for a moment …».

Attisani: “Why do you organize shit understood you should be ashamed of all of them of that environment understood all a piggy a piggy”.

Palamara: “You’re right, you’re right, I agree with you.”

Attisani: «And the first is the one that organizes. G. who organizes for you because she is one who tries to make you mate but you suck you are a lousy category and you leave me alone .. you knew that I was coming tonight ».

Palamara: “No, I didn’t know Adele and you don’t have people like that after I called you four times you told me you were coming back late”.

Attisani: “Ah you didn’t know but how you didn’t know but you’re kidding.”

Palamara: “I invite you to stop saying these bullshit, I won’t allow you to be clearer.”

Attisani: «For me you have to disappear for me you have to disappear ok now listen to me well and do these bitches do you understand? and thank goodness that you realize what you are doing, thank goodness that you realize that you are doing the hustlers, G. makes the hustlers and brings you women. Hello and don’t call me anymore ».

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