Today’s students and the absence of the rules. It is always the fault of the teachers. Letter


Posted by Mario Bocola – The sacrosanct rules of good education where are they? They are dead, they are
disintegrate into a society without values. In fact, the kids no longer have the rules, they don’t know what they are and they don’t know how to relate to others.

When they are out of school they do not know how to deal with adults: they do not listen to advice and suggestions, they are constantly distracted, they have their eyes glued to their smartphones, they respond annoyed to adult requests, they show themselves indolent, bored and annoyed, not they know what the greeting is, they yawn with their mouths open without reaching for the hand. In short, they do not know the most basic rules of bon
ton, of good manners. And who’s to blame? Guess what.

Ė of the school and teachers, when the primary fault lies with the family, that is, with those parents who have delegated the educational task to the other agencies because they do not know how their children are educated. And here, outside school contexts in parishes, in oratories, in gyms, children behave in an unruly manner because they do not have social skills.

Therefore, it is precisely from the social skills that must be restarted that it is there that we have to work a lot because, unfortunately, the family on this side is weak, lacking in resources and defenseless. The school must, alas, take charge of this problem and before acquiring the disciplinary skills and
transversal must work on social skills. In short, the school must completely replace the parents, that is, those fathers and mothers who do not want to understand that the educational aspect is not up to the school, but is the primary task of the parents. The school must collaborate with the family but it must not be the surrogate of the family itself. This is the problem that society does not want to understand, it does not want to understand because it no longer has the right tools for it
to do it.

Good education and respect for the rules are learned by following
the examples of parents and children do nothing but follow their examples. If the latter are good, the children will grow up educated, respectful, willing to listen, diligent; on the contrary, if the examples are negative, distorted, misleading, the children will be the product of a society that does not care highly about the rules and respect for the people and things of others. In short, if you do not teach the respect of the rules at home, the boy at school will never respect the school environment, therefore, he will not care
of teachers!

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