today dead (70), but 593 new infections (382 in Lombardy). Swab record


Coronavirus, today’s bulletin, Thursday May 28, 2020, in Italy. The number of new positives in Italy, which are today 231,732, 593 more in the last 24 hours (yesterday 584) has remained quite low compared to the past few days, but still slightly increases compared to yesterday. On the other hand, the death toll was 70, bringing the total to 33,142. It should be emphasized that even today, like yesterday, Lombardy is the true Italian outbreak with a total of 382 new infected.

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The detail of the data. In particular, in the field of health monitoring related to the spread of Coronavirus on our territory, to date, May 28, the total number of people who have contracted the virus is 231,732, with an increase compared to yesterday of 593 new cases. The total number of currently positive is 47,986, with a decrease of 2,980 assisted compared to yesterday. Of the currently positive, 489 are being treated in intensive care, with a decrease of 16 patients compared to yesterday. 7,379 people are hospitalized with symptoms, with a decrease of 350 patients compared to yesterday. 40,118 people, equal to 84% of the currently positive, are in isolation without symptoms or with mild symptoms. Compared to yesterday, 70 died and bring the total to 33,142. The total number of those discharged and healed rises to 150,604, an increase of 3,503 people compared to yesterday. In detail, the currently positive cases are 22,913 in Lombardy, 6,072 in Piedmont, 3,750 in Emilia Romagna, 2,025 in Veneto, 1,380 in Tuscany, 1,145 in Liguria, 3,405 in the Lazio, 1,346 in the Marche, 1,012 in Campania, 1,395 in Puglia, 458 in the Autonomous Province of Trento, 1,145 in Sicily, 336 in Friuli Venezia Giulia, 824 in Abruzzo, 157 in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, 33 in Umbria, 200 in Sardinia, 23 in Valle d’Aosta, 170 in Calabria, 163 in Molise and 34 in Basilicata.

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Swab record. Coronavirus swabs are 3,683,144 so far, up 75,893 compared to yesterday: a single day test record. The cases tested so far are 2,330,389.

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Lombardy, details of the data, 39 positive in Milan. There are 382 new infected in Lombardy with 15,507 swabs made for a total of 88,183 positives in the region. Yesterday there had been 216 new cases to which 168 swabs carried out during the week in Bergamo were added. The new deaths are down, 20 (58 yesterday) for a total of 15,974 people dead in the region. Intensive care hospitalizations (-2, 173) and in the other wards (-156, 3,470) decreased. These are the data disclosed by the Lombardy Region. In Milan and province the number of coronavirus positive positives rose to 22,908, with an increase of 76 cases compared to yesterday (when the increase had been 68). This was communicated by the region in a note, stating that in Milan the positives are instead 9,718 (+39 against +41 the day before). Brescia, Milan and Bergamo: this is the ranking of the provinces that in the last 24 hours have recorded the greatest number of new cases of coronavirus. This is what emerges from the data released by the Lombardy Region. In particular, the province of Brescia rises to a total of 14,612 infections (+90), follows the province of Milan with 22,908 (+76) of which 9,718 (+39) in the city alone, while in the Bergamo area there are 13,244 cases (+ 69). In detail, the other provinces: Como 3,823 (+31), Cremona 6,429 (+13), Lecco 2,729 (+5), Lodi 3,447 (+13), Mantua 3,330 (+2), Monza 5,480 (+14), Pavia 5,261. (+9), Sondrio 1,454 (+23), Varese 3,549 (+12) and 1,917 being verified.

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The data in Piedmont. The data of the coronavirus emergency in Piedmont still improve. The Regional Crisis Unit, in the now usual daily bulletin, announces that in the last 24 hours there have been 10 deaths, one of which was recorded today, while the new infections are 58, 19 of which detected in the RSA. Since the beginning of the emergency, therefore, the Piedmontese victims are 3,838, 30,445 infections. The figure of the healed is growing strongly, 593 more than yesterday, for a total of 17,072, with another 3,463 on the mend. Intensive care patients are 64, 4 fewer than yesterday. There are 1058 inpatients not in intensive care, 60 less than yesterday. There are 4,950 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 304,358, of which 168,670 negative results.

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The data in Emilia Romagna. The number of coronavirus infections in Emilia-Romagna goes up, however an increase in the number of swabs carried out also occurs: in 24 hours there are 74 new cases and 11 new deaths in the region. Since yesterday 9,128 swabs have been made. There are 77, one less than yesterday, hospitalized in intensive care.

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