“To them who have deified the robes those chats are needed” – Libero Quotidiano


Franco Bechis on the Tempor do a lucid analysis on Luca Palamara “who was the most powerful magistrate in Italy, to whom any colleague wishing to make a career had to plead, today ended up in the dust, previously investigated and now ruined by the publication of all his chats and text messages with magistrates, politicians and journalists. Yesterday like a child who does not know prudence and silence, he tweeted: “Attending the publication of the most intimate moments of one’s private life involving strangers always hurts. Today I am on the other side and I accept all this because I have nothing to hide. I am misfortunes, however, on which it is necessary to reflect again. “And he was obviously buried by an avalanche of contumelia”

The director of the Time condemns the former prosecutor and his hypocrisy which however highlights that the judiciary no longer has that beatification aura that certain press and certain public opinion has always given it. “As a reporter following the judicial procedure, I had the impression that it was not just a fantasy of the red robes. But I also knew the exact opposite: a prosecutor who said to me:« Now we are going to give those Communists a c … so Maybe something today those chats of Palamara: to open their eyes to the five stars who deified them thinking that they were priests of the goddess Justice“concludes Bechis

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