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Senigallia 05/22/2020
– The protocol launched by the Marche Region not only regulates the opening of bathing establishments at the time of the Coronavirus but also regulates access to free beaches. Here are the rules to follow, starting from May 29, to access the beach. “The Municipalities will have to guarantee the adoption of risk mitigation measures similar to those envisaged for the operators / managers of the plants, including, in particular, the regulation of accesses to avoid gatherings and ensure social distancing-affirms the Protocol- information and compliance with bathers’ risk mitigation measures; cleaning and sanitizing procedures for any promiscuous equipment present, such as toilets; checking compliance with measures by beach users. Regulation of free beaches it can also be guaranteed through suitable agreements with public and private subjects to be activated by the territorially competent Municipality “.

Where possible, access to the beach by reservation should be favored (also in shifts through IT applications), in order to prevent gatherings. “The physical distancing in all circumstances must be ensured and the laying of umbrellas, sunbeds, deckchairs, beach towels etc … by private citizens must respect the minimum distance of 3.50 meters from pole to pole for umbrellas and 2.00 m between the beds, deckchairs, beach towels etc .. Physical distancing can be waived for people belonging to the same family or cohabitants by providing specific documentation if required. In consideration of the general nature of these indications, it is recommended that health and environmental authorities responsible for the territory the possible adoption of more restrictive measures than indicated, such as, for example, a more stringent access restriction (up to the prohibition of bathing) in the case of environments with high attendance or marine weather conditions that preclude the replacement of water”.

Municipalities will be able to “issue a PROHIBITION OF ACCESS to the beaches at night (probably from 00.00-06.00) for reasons of safety and public safety, limited to the areas under state concession, in order not to frustrate the disinfection activities adopted on the basis of these guidelines”.

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