to maximize Ellie a single run will not be enough


During the last Inside the Gameplay video of The Last of Us 2, Kurt Margenau has revealed an interesting detail of the progression system adopted by Naughty Dog to increase the pathos and identification of users in Ellie.

Reflecting on the gameplay dynamics that we will experience wearing the clothes of the protagonist of TLOU 2, the co-director of the Californian subsidiary of PlayStation Studios he explains that the title will present two separate systems for updating weapons and evolving skills. According to Margenau, it will not be possible for both systems to obtain the necessary resources a fully upgrade Ellie in a single run.

This limitation, explains the manager of Naughty Dog, is due to the willingness of the developers to focus the attention of fans on the choices they will have to make during the adventure, thus forcing them to “living with the consequences of one’s actions” reminding them of what they have done also through the range of enhancements and skills that they will be able to unlock.

Always during the latest video development diary, too Anthony Newman Naughty Dog discussed the game mechanics and explained that users could miss entire scripted game scenes from The Last of Us Part 2, based on the choices made during the plot and the desire to break the rhythm of the main campaign by exploring the numerous secondary areas. And you, what do you think of this choice? Let us know with a comment.

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