TMW – Lega Pro proposal: play off and play out for the verdicts. Top 3 in B and last 3 in D



The Lega Pro Council meeting today decided on the proposal to bring to the Federal Council to end the season by making the pitch decide the verdicts. According to the proposal, the first in the standings of the three groups (Monza Vicenza and Reggina) would be promoted in Serie B, while to decide the fourth, the playoffs would be played, which will however be played only by those who decide to do so and based on the current ranking. In Serie D would go the last three of the groups (Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti) to which Rende and Bisceglie would also be added in group C given the large gap from fourth to fifth last, while the other relegations will be decided by the play outs. It will then be up to the Federal Council, which should be held in early June, whether or not to accept these proposals and give the final opinion on how to complete the Serie C season.


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