TJ EXCLUSIVE – Di Livio remembers the 1995 title: “He is the most beautiful, Vialli the best of us. Lippi decisive in our change of mentality. And on Parma …”


At 5:50 pm, minute more minute less, than that May 21, 1995, Juventus became the Italian champion for the twenty-third time in their own breaking a fast that had lasted for nine very long years. It was no longer the team coached by Trapattoni and full of world champions, it was the one led by Lippi and composed of the right mix of experience and youth. Who was on the field in that thriller match against Parma was Angelo Di Livio, at the first championship with the black and white shirt, which interviewed exclusively by TuttoJuve told his impressions related to that day:

Twenty five years have passed since that afternoon in the Delle Alpi.

“Yeah. How time flies (he smiles). I remember that the team hadn’t started very well in the championship, there were a bit of strange situations. The moment that changed our mentality was the change of form, because the three tips allowed us to deservedly win that title. The strongest opponent of that year was certainly Parma, it really gave us a lot of trouble. The Emilia team was a great team “.

In what sense were there strange situations?

“In the sense that we had great difficulty, we could not find the right set-up. We were not sure of what we were doing, it was a bit of a middle ground. Then, thanks to the coach and our skill, we managed to get in an extraordinary mechanism “.

Specifically, what are your memories related to that match?

“It was the Scudetto game, we all knew it. I remember that we enjoyed a great shape and we started the match going immediately to take them high. We didn’t let them breathe. And they, perhaps, did not expect it. our victory. ”

Was the fact that the company had not won for too many years now a situation that afflicted you within the group?

“No, actually it gave us a great stimulus and a lot of motivation to do well. It is true that Juve’s shirt weighs more than any other, but equally we knew well the degree of responsibility that we had taken. Not everyone has the honor to be able to wear it. ”

Is there a teammate you identify as the most decisive for the Scudetto victory?

“Yes, I think Vialli was the most representative player and the undisputed leader who gave us an incredible shock. He was our captain. He always dragged us, he was the best of us.”

Returning to Parma, actually with the Emilian there was not only the championship challenge.

“Exactly, Parma was the main opponent in that year: the championship, the Italian Cup and also the UEFA Cup. We managed to win everything in Italy, but unfortunately we didn’t make it in Europe. That team was a bit our black beast, but we have always honored him. They were very strong in every area of ​​the field “.

Marcello Lippi’s tactical intuition had been fundamental in writing an important page of history within the great book of Italian football. But what was it like?

“He was good at understanding this, we certainly went along with it. It was a great intuition in a particular moment, as I said before it was a sudden change of mentality that influenced so much. It was different to go and get your opponent high Sometimes you can do it and sometimes you can’t. But we have always continued to train like this and the results have arrived. ”

In your opinion, perhaps, was Zeman’s Foggia to inspire this mentality?

“Foggia, however, played even more proactively and devoted to the attack, we also liked to play in attack but we were intelligent in understanding when we could do it. Lippi, then, always changed form: either he played with 4-3-3 or the 3-4-3, in order to always maintain a great balance “.

In conclusion: was it the most beautiful championship of those you won?

“It certainly was for me, Torricelli and all the others who were very young. And when you started to win the first one, then you wanted to continue doing it (he smiles).”

Thanks to Angelo Di Livio for the courtesy and helpfulness shown during this interview.



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