Tito Ortiz: “Mike Tyson challenged me, it will be a success”


“I received a call, they asked me if I wanted to challenge Mike Tyson. I obviously answered yes, but that’s all. It’s still to be determined”. Tito Ortiz, former MMA champion, confirms a TMZ Sports the interest of Mike Tyson for a charity match. Iron Mike has decided to return to the ring after 15 years and is looking for a challenger.

Mike Tyson: “I’ll be back in the ring. I’ve never been so fit”

“We could earn a billion dollars”

I don’t know yet if it will be a boxing or MMA match, but it will be historic. The last time a boxing and MMA champion met was a success, I think we could duplicate that success. “, he added. According to the former MMA champion, this could outweigh the match between McGregor is Mayweather (they cashed 500 million for their match).

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