Tirrenia’s tribute to doctors and nurses: “With us they travel for free”


Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar, companies of the Onorato Armatori Group, have decided to let all health professionals, heroes of the Covid emergency, travel on their ferries for free.

Doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, hospital canteen workers and volunteers who book from today to June 15 will have a 100% discount on the ticket. The trip will be made by December 31st: all destinations available in Sardinia, Sicily, Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago and Corsica.

At check-in, simply present your professional health card or a certificate from the hospital administration together with your ticket.

“We are proud to have been close to the Civil Protection in the most dramatic moment of the crisis – explains Achille Onorato, managing director of the Moby, Tirrena and Toremar group – and we are really happy today to be able to offer this extraordinary promotion to our doctors, nurses and health professionals , even to those who are behind the scenes and are often forgotten, who in various capacities have helped defend us from Covid, endangering their lives to save those of all Italians. And so on all our ships we say a sea of thanks to all of them, in the most concrete way we know. Happy to have them on board our guests “.

(Unioneonline / D)

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