#TiremInnanz beer has arrived on the shelves of Tigros


tireminnanz tigros balabiott beer

Is called #TiremInnanz and you decided the name, intended as a community of readers of VareseNews through a survey launched earlier this month on our newspaper’s Facebook page. Now the third craft beer produced for Tigros by the Balabiott Brewery Domodossola is arrived on the shelves of 66 stores of the chain that has its headquarters in Solbiate Arno.

Beer is part of the initiative “For a better Italy” launched by Tigros to support national and especially local companies at the time of lockdown; the bottles of #TiremInnanz (from 33 cl) are on sale in fixed price of 1.69 euros (very low, by craft beer standards) and the 10% of the proceeds will be donated – as for the two previous beers, #Celafaremo and #Molaminga – to the Italian Red Cross.

To learn more about the new beer we refer you to the article prepared by our specialized blog, Malt Rating: you can reach it CLICKING HERE.
In the video below instead we report the our interview conducted by Damiano Franzetti – curator of Malto Gradimento and journalist of VareseNews – with Matteo Vinci, one of the members of the Balabiott Brewery.


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