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It is officially available from today, 27 May 2020, the new platform package TIMVISION named Netflix world, activated by customers TIM landline network, which allows viewing of content Netflix, TIMVISION Plus plus the decoder TIMVISION Box included.

After the agreement signed in November 2019 between the two companies, the new TIMVISION bundle with Netlfix was already leaked in January 2020 in a convention for the sales force, as told by MondoMobileWeb. At the beginning of February 2020 TIM had then announced that Netflix would soon be included in TIMVISION.

However, the actual launch of the promotion has taken place wait a few months longer than expected is, as anticipated in preview by MondoMobileWeb and then confirmed with a press release from TIM, starting from today 27 May 2020 the named promotion can be officially activated Netflix world.

In detail, Netflix world includes the Standard Netflix plan (11.99 euros per month), TIMVISION Plus (5 euros) and free rental of the TIMVISION Box (3 euros), all put together in the promo launch at the cost of 12.99 euros per month (instead of 19.99 euros per month).

Remember that the Standard Netflix plan includes viewing the entire catalog of the video streaming platform, too simultaneously on 2 screens with the quality of the contents up to HD.

However, the option from can also be added to Netflix World 4 euros more per month to move on to Premium plan (value € 15.99 per month), which includes viewing the contents up to 4K and on a maximum of 4 screens simultaneously.

This option can be requested both after signing up for Mondo Netflix and contextually with the purchase, and in this way Netflix world with the Premium subscription Netflix will have a total cost of 16.99 euros per month (instead of 23.99 euros). In case of withdrawal from the entire offer, the Premium subscription will also be deactivated.

In addition to the contents of Netflix, the package always includes those of the subscription to TIMVISION Plus, which includes watching movies, cartoons, sporting events and TV series. Also in this case, the contents can be seen from different devices, such as the TIMVISION Box decoder, smart TVs, compatible consoles, PCs, smartphones and tablets.

In addition, the offer includes the free rental of the Android TIMVISION Box decoder, instead of 3 euros per month, which you will receive directly at home.

The price of the launch promo will be valid until 31 July 2020, subject to changes, and the payment takes place directly in the TIM fixed-line bill. There is no constraint.

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Netflix world it is available for TIM customers who have activated the Internet service of fixed network or that activate it contextually. It can be activated by existing customers and new customers who activate TIM Super (Fibra, Mega, ADSL and FWA). The offer can be activated from all sales channels (also directly from TIMVISION Box). It’s not compatible with the FWA Internet offer.

Netflix world and the other current TIMVISION promo, Disney world +, I’m compatible with each othertherefore the TIMVISION customer can activate both if he wishes.

For existing customers who have TIMVISION Plus active, by activating Mondo Netflix the cost of TIMVISION Plus comes discounted by 100%.

For the activation of the offer Netflix world, the customer must communicate his e-mail address and a mobile number. Once the offer is activated, the customer can register only after receiving the confirmation email.

Mondo Netflix can be activated even if the customer already has a Netflix subscription, just register with your already active Netflix credentials to keep the account and devices connected.

If the subscription is on a credit card, using the same credentials, the previous payment method is automatically suspended and the payment will be moved to the TIM bill. If the customer has a Netflix contract bundled with other partners, he will have to cancel to avoid double payment.


In case the already customer has already have an Android decoder for rent, activating Mondo Netflix will not receive a new decoder, but it will come rental fee zeroed pre-existing as long as the offer remains active. In the event that the already TIM customer has already purchased an Android decoder, activating Mondo Netflix the installment of the product comes reset for the entire period in which the promo is active and in any case counted in the purchase task.

Instead, in case the customer already has rent a non-Android decoderby joining the offer, you can redeem it at a one-time cost of 1 euro and you will receive the TIMVISION Box for free rental.

As anticipated, TIMVISION Box will gradually and automatically receive one new user interface. In a single showcase there will be the entire TIMVISION offer and all its partners (Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video, NOW TV, DAZN, Eurosport and Chili) and beyond, video trailers in the background and a renewed TV section for a consultation of live and future programming. There will also be a dedicated page that will allow the customer to know all the services offered with the possibility of activating the TV offers (TIMVISION) independently.

Promotion is however also usable on the move by accessing the respective Netflix and TIMVISION applications with mobile devices.

The possible termination of the offer Netflix world will automatically result in the deactivation of the standard subscription Netflix. In this case TIMVISION Plus is TIMVISION Box they could continue with their respective standard price, if there are no other active offers. In fact if the TIMVISION Box it will not be returned, the rental will go to 3 euros per month.

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